Monday, March 28, 2011

This is to inform you--

(Skip this post if you don't want to read my senseless rants. I didn't posted links to this post anywhere anyway. I just want to "feed the will to feel this moment"--this is from Tool's Lateralus. I just need to vent out. A little. Give me a while.)

--though you may not give a fvck--

that worse days are yet to come. I hope 2011 ends soon. I think 2012 would be better. I hope 2012 would begin the end. Sigh. Brr. Whine. This. Post.. Digs?;

that I have deactivated my facebook account, and it shall remain deactivated until god knows when. I now have no network to shamelessly plug my bull and my shit;

that I communicate via and you may reach me via email or ym or sms, had there been any concerns about abandoned or forgotten projects or whatever the fvck you wanted to remind me about such as deadlines I failed to meet and, yes, projects I could have committed to but have not done my share yet. I would also take this opportunity to apologize for things I have and haven't done. Yet. I shall continue doing my best to make things work;

that I thought and expected this "new" blog to be professional, but I just can't not fvck around. I still tend to disclose though unsolicited, but at least I am learning to leave the details unsaid. I am somehow learning to contain my self. Or so I thought;

that I am still in deep shit. And I hope YOU are reading this, though you never gave a fvck. And you would not. And I hope you are having a good night's sleep.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Kritika Kultura Links

Kritika Kultura, a refereed electronic journal of literary / cultural and language studies launched its first literary issue, the Kritika Kultura Anthology of New Philippine Writing in English. There has been a soft launch last February, and the discussion has been recorded in mp3 format by Adam David.

About the Issue

The Philippine literary community has a relatively longstanding tradition of releasing anthologies focusing on young writers. However, it can be gleaned that the notion of the “new” remains unarticulated, as recent anthologies simply focus on the “young,” and what becomes apparent is the persistent maintenance of an aesthetics solidified in various creative writing institutions and workshops, a notion that is rapidly rendered inaccurate by a healthy production of writing that these anthologies do not include.

What this issue of Kritika Kultura intends to accomplish is to represent the kind of writing that is rarely published, the kind that is not often legitimized by mainstream publications. The kind of writing that we, as editors, can confidently call “new.”

New, in this case, as the word that most succinctly describes literary texts that are mindful of—by way of formal response/appropriation and/or thematic confrontation—several cultural phenomena such as the preponderance of piracy, the simultaneous/schizophrenic sociopolitical conditions of the nation, the “new” government that includes so many of the old names, the highly provisional stances in criticism pertaining to society and art, the currency and increasing value of topicality and ephemera (as evidenced by BPOs, SEOs, and Facebook), the persistent dominance of celebrity culture, and the gossip paradigm of discourse. The anthology welcomes contributions that transgress genre boundaries, revise traditional modes and forms, formally engage with the largely oral, nontextual/extratextual literary practices of the Filipino audience, and display a technical alertness to the quandaries presented by blog-driven writing, Facebook fiction, protest poetry, the malleability of languages, the hegemony of academic publishing in “legitimate” literature, the dominion of western literary models, and, in light of these, the strategic and arguably fictionalizing construction of Filipino identity.

Here's the Introduction by the issue editors Mark Cayanan, Conchitina Cruz and Adam David. Here are the Exquisite Corpses ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ) of the QBCCC peeps Josel Nicolas, DJ Legaspi and Mervin Malonzo. Here is the piece of IYAS co-fellow Alyza Taguilaso. Here are entries from UPLB--Kat Elauria's and Sir Christian Tablazon's. Here's the link to the 320-page issue itself.

And here are my contributions: Entry Taken from the Encyclopaedia of Biomechanical Convertebrates and io (text) (image). The former, as implied by the title, is a wikipedia-ish article about an organism called the Doom Maggot--special thanks have been mentioned at the end of the article. The latter is a visual poem, with stanzas that snowball using the Fibonacci sequence--this piece was performed by KarMa Kolektib during TALENTADOS, the event of UP PhotoS last February.

Salamat. Salamat din sa mga nauna nang nagshare at nagbasa.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

U.S. with Butterfly Wings

U.S. with Butterfly Wings. I think this is my first drawing for 2011 that is, somehow, presentable enough to be uploaded. I googled the smashing pumpkins song and yes, I know "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" has been visually interpreted in different ways, but I'd still want to share something against another war of aggression that will most probably kill more people than earthquakes and tsunamis. And, butterflies are scary according to someone I know.

Some other streets within the City as of

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