Monday, May 23, 2011

Bi Cycle [i]

Everything might be a work of fiction. This is fiction.

Doing things against my vulnerable will and beyond the comprehension of my fickle mind has gone too far, I guess. Though it happens as shit happens and it happened a lot these past few days, I find these occurrences as weird as the fact that the things, that I swore to do with all my soul and with all the enlightenment I can handle, remain undone as they stay untouched in their respective planning stages. I hope they won't end up as, well, remains or remnants among other unfinished conceptions that are under the risks of abortion.

Fertilized, I should have given birth to a satan I would be proud of. Prepared, I should have expected the fall I discerned in the early stages of the holy melee. Devastated, I should have wallowed in trauma caused by a judas kiss. Harassed, I should have went into hibernation as preparation for well-conceived offensives using stellar-charged cosmic thunder strikes, or, maybe, catapults with spheres of dark energy as cannon balls. Or even chariots with metal horses that breathe sulfur. Or, coal-powered bikes. Random, absurd enumeration. As random as the stream of consciousness or train of thought. Inconsistent, ill logic makes one human, anyway.

Reaffirming the truth of the uncertainty principle, I think I already learned how to writhe in a bicycle with mandalas for wheels. The road it shall traverse is the universe populated with lovers and/or fetishists who are potential victims of accidents I might launch in the name of learning. Of god. Of science. Of art.

Of you. I hate being attracted to some ..thing I despise. Oh the ironies of life. Well, it is not that I despise you. I despise this sick, creeping fvck within me, that is all about you and everything that my senses perceived about you.

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