Monday, June 27, 2011

Spectacles [v]

Specs[ iv][iii][ ii][ i]. Everything might be a work of fiction. This is fiction. Sad.

Mind's eye. Where have I read or heard the term? I suspect an animated media or a literary work--where most of the things I read or hear (or I thought I read or hear) resonates and reverberates as if happening right here, right now, without any sense of time and place. With this pair of a pair of spectacles thing going on, I wonder whether the mind would need all the help it can get to make blurry visions clear. And, put the where, the how and the why into the wonder to make things more complicated. Not recollecting what you want to recollect pisses the hell out of you. At least most of the time. It keeps on echoing, I just do not know where it is coming from. Mind's eye.

Spectacles within the spectacles. What the fuck are those? An eye aiding an eye that aids an eye? So, we push someone with such away by saying, "Fuck off, six-eyes!" I care less about six eyes, though. To stall-- Only eight eyes matter at this particular moment of a seeming writing prompt that borders somewhere in the lines of a semi-therapeutic writing exercise and a quasi-meditative disclosure of how my central neurological and cardiovascular systems are.

Six eyes are like films. The thinking cinematographer commutes from what the thinking director commutes from what the thinking scriptwriter commutes from what he observes. We are to be the cinematographer and director and writer of a particular film, i.e. The Movie. In our separate movies, we assign different roles to specific people. Our correspondence of function role to variable person are, more often than not, different. For instance, you may assign a certain person as your knight in shining armor or your hero, and I may give him the role of the villain or, to euphemize, the motherfucker that gets in the way of the antihero, i.e. the I. I hate how we see things differently, or how I think we see things.

Dialectics. Clash of the opposites that resolves into progression or regression, though regression may be a progress towards another end that might not be the end we thought we would want. My movie may be an antithesis to your thesis of a movie that shall eventually transpire and synthesize into The Movie.That is multi-leveled creation. That is collaboration. That is filling in what needs fillings. That needs to be done with utmost respect and precision and thought and heart. *cue: nausea* Spectacles aiding a spectacle that aids the eyes. Or is it?

Nevermind. I'm leaving despite the dark clouds that further obscure the sight.

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