Friday, June 29, 2012

Ang Puting Silid (Charles Simic)

burador, as useless. depressed, as useful. sana magamit. btw, isa sa mga iniiwasan ko isalin e si simic. yung line cuts niya kasi, hassle, pahirap sa buhay. buti nakahanap ng medyo relatibong madaling piyesa. ayun lang. walang pagbabahaging magaganap. hanggang dito na lang at salamat sa pakikiramay, sadya man o hindi--malamang, hindi. malay mo ba.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

mga kumpas ni baybayan [i]

[ang mga piyesa sa "mga kumpas ni baybayan" ay mga pagtatangkang ibahagi ang ilang larawang nasagap ng limitadong pangitain matapos masumpungan sa gunita ang mga diwatang naging mahalagang bahagi ng buhay at kultura ng ating mga ninuno. mula ang pamagat sa ideyang napulot sa gradwadong klase (pp250 epiko ng Pilipinas) sa ilalim ni prop. Rosario Cruz-Lucero: na nagmula ang lahat ng katha sa malikhaing pagbabahagi at pagsasalaysay ni Baybayan. hanggang dito na lamang at hanggang sa muli. salamat sa pagbisita.]

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

shameless karma kolektib orientation plug

poster design by jesa pearl tamayo. things are, i guess, getting better with karMa and [p]. and, maybe, other things but not all things. anyway, solb ang elbi visit nung biyernes. tumengga sa TERC. umepal sa eng 101 ni ser D. grumaphics talk shit sa [p]. tumambay at nakipagwasakan all night long sa bonang's place. yun. mga ganoong kasimpleng mga bagay. ayun lang. sana makanextime soon.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hinggil sa Itinakdang Destiyero (Bertolt Brecht)

(may CAMPHUNT FOR PALPARAN mamaya sa college of mass communication, university of the philippines, diliman, 8:30 ng umaga. magtutungo ang mga iskolar ng bayan mula sa iba't ibang unit sa pinakamalapit na kampo ng militar sa kanilang kampus, ayon sa opisina ng rehente ng mga estudyante. bagamat magkaiba ang mga na-destiyero sa mga desaparecido, at mas matindi ang huli kaysa sa una, naririto ang munting ambag sa pag-gunita ng ika-anim na taon ng pagkawala nina Karen at She.)

Hinggil sa Itinakdang Destiyero
Salin ni Tilde Acuña sa Tagalog ng salin ni 
Adam Kirsch sa Ingles ng tula ni Brecht sa Aleman

Hindi na kailangang lagusan ng pako ang dingding
Upang makapagsabit ka ng iyong sombrero;
Sa iyong pagdating, ipatong mo lang sa silyang
hindi pa nauupuan ng bisita.

Huwag alalahanin ang pagdidilig ng mga halaman—
Sa katunayan, huwag na silang itanim.
Makakauwi ka naman bago pa sila sumibol,
At sino ang magnanais sa kanila?

Kung masyadong mahirap maging bihasa sa wika,
Maging matiyaga lamang;
Hindi nangangailangan ng salin
Ang telegramang dumaraing ng iyong pagbabalik.

Pakatandaan, kapag nagbalat ang kisame ng sarili
Sa alikaskas ng masilya,
Kasingbilis o mas mabilis pang
Natitibag ang dingding na nagbabawal sa iyong pag-uwi.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

horror and honor: shameless asuang plug + comics news

some sort of chaotic turbulence, which is not mere winter, is coming. go, hit me with the best fvcking shot you've got, work load, study load, extracurricular load, etc. all for honor and excellence and related bullshit to engage the system and the self. all for the search. god. rants in 3.. 2.. 1..

besides the support of underground scenes, i think, comics in the western hemisphere of this hellhole are well-accepted and well-respected because of, maybe, the sociopolitical engagement of some, if not most, of comics creators. for instance, alan moore has been vocal in his support for the occupy movement [link]. recently, there's another initiative [link] from 'occupy comics' [link]--which includes art spiegelman of maus and ben templesmith of wormwood gentleman corpse.

in relation to these anti-establishment artists is another anti-establishment artist--this time, awarded by the establishment [link]: the queen of england "bestowed the honor of Member of the British Empire (MBE) to Grant Morrison for his work as: Comic Book Writer and Playwright. For services to Film and Literature."

i've no news yet how morrison responded, but had there been any protest of some sort, i think it would have been made known. it shall be remembered that john lennon returned the 'honor' of knighthood because of britain's support of america in the vietnam war, among others [link].

so much for honor and excellence and anarchy [link to university of the philippines thread about UP town center]. next stop: horror plug. the asuang issue of paper monster press includes my poem, "Litanya ng Matandang Ulupong." ending this life update slash unsolicited newsy musings w the rest of the list as copypasted from PMP's page:

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1st calamba 7 + 104th UP

so, it was the 103rd anniversary of university of the Philippines the day before Mozo, Cadi, Pulis, Ynik, Ruf and two friends from the community were arrested? happy rizal day and calamba seven anniv today. happy 104th to UP yesterday [see UP history]. that is all. and, here's the tanaga i wrote for the seven. its original title was "tanaga 4 x 7," as published at [upissues] and in a [facebook note].

Sunday, June 17, 2012

i am your father's day

[last year's fathers' day!] unlike mothers' day, i think drama for this day seems inappropriate. as gertrude stein wrote [according to brainyquotes, since i just googled for fathers' day quotes, as i dont have one in mind, though barthelme's "the dead father" comes to mind, but i have quoted a part of it already.]: "It is funny the two things most men are proudest of is the thing that any man can do and doing does in the same way, that is being drunk and being the father of their son."

Saturday, June 16, 2012

send-offs, regret-wallowing, book-keeping

besides cynthia alexander's migration to the u.s because of 'lack of support,' another ribcage-devastating news was confirmed through dear comradely wastol, xl. the former, however, is more bearable than the latter--as, with a couple of friends, i went to one of the send off gigs, the one at 19 east, with, uhm abby clutario (see's feature here) of fuseboxx fame and humanfolk and other prominent musicians. the latter is, well, i don't know. hoping to publicly release a sigh about it soon. at the moment, what i am pertaining to is still in progress. *restrain further disclosure*

besides these ribcage-devastating news is another ribcage-devastating goodbye, but this one just needs a little adjustment and everything shall be fine: i have to leave my, uhm, sort of, little library behind and, of course, visit it from time to time. in my case, this is another time and space problem: too many books, too little (reading) time and, let me add, too little (shelf) space dilemma. sorting things out, organizing what goes where with the hows and the whys are headache-inducing these days. no further details after the cut. just photos. of books. and shelves.

[btw, salamat, lyza for for delivering these *tears*]

Thursday, June 14, 2012

shorts [vi]: che guevara + UP

no, he was not and has never been the vocalist of rage against the machine. go, google Ernesto 'Che' Guevara. you can do it. i, he, we celebrate his birthday today. and to do so, i share, not just googled pictures, but also thoughts on his being a student of medicine and his revolutionary track and so on. below the cut, and camila's image, is an excerpt from my unpublished article unearthed in my gmail account. it was written months ago, and, maybe, someday, somehow, if the article is decent enough, i can put it somewhere, somehow, in another zine, maybe, in the, i dont know, manner of pseudocuments:

and, here, hope you learn something from it as the sem starts:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

what independence? oh. that.

since i am not really free to share the highs and the lows from the past twenty four hours, and i do not have something to, really, share because i am sad, and shit, let me share this artwork, and, do yourselves a favor and ponder on why the fvck, why, really, and, what, really, do we celebrate this non-working holiday?

[from the TANGINA THIS! page with caption
"Mabuhay ang araw ng KALAYAAN
Artwork by Leonilo Doloricon." and another:]

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shorts [v]: Bradbury + Salin: Ang Saglit (Atwood)

ray bradbury went to one of the other sides today. links: [news from cnn][neil gaiman's tribute from the guardian][news from io9][news from time]. he reminded us that "there are worse crimes than burning books. one of them is not reading them," which kinda makes me feel guilty right now, as i am yet to read someday his novel fahrenheit 451. sa tagalog, "may mas malala pang krimen kaysa sa pagsusunog ng mga aklat. isa rito ay ang hindi pagbabasa sa kanila."

i have read a couple of his short fiction collections, and his zen in the art of writing, and i've done some of his suggestions, but, i don't know, maybe, i have to, really, focus. anyway, i tried to draw something as tribute to one of my favorite writers. well, a lot of favorite people have already went to one of the other sides. here are links that mentioned some transfer, er, mations to another plane:

[moebius, karl roy, encyclopaedia][kurt cobain, beng hernandez][andres bonifacio][crispin 'ka bel' beltran][maurice sendak][tony dezuniga, adam yauch, and victims of state fascism]. in place of an artwork, or any tribute of some sort, here's my adaptation of atwood's poem "the moment":

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

shameless monstrous plug

thank cthulhu. two of my artworks shall appear at the [monsters and the monstrous] journal, published by [the inter-disciplinary press]. here's the september 2010 cover image from their [page].

below is the full list of articles and artworks and other stuff included in the journal's vol.2 num. 1 may 2012 special issue themed [monstrous memory]:

Saturday, June 2, 2012

return call for cthulhu

it has been a very long while since i have posted lovecraft related matters that this blog should have been posting in as often a time as possible. so, here, i have reaffirmed my commitment to the great cthulhu, for all the universes to see:

Friday, June 1, 2012

(shorter) shorts [iv]: si toffler sa teknolohiya

bukod sa mga tinuturing na panitikan, lalo na yung mga tulang kailangan pang intindihin sa maraming aspeto bago epektibong "maangkin" sa ibang wika, marahil, isa sa mga hamon sa mga nagsasalin (o nagtatangka nito, katulad ng inyong lingkod) ang mga teknikal at teknolohikal na mga piyesa, lalo sa iba't ibang larangan ng agham (o siyensiya).

mula sa brainyquotes, naririto ang ilang diumano'y sinabi ng futurist (kita mo na, paano mo sasabihin sa ating wika ang futurist?) na si alvin toffler. sa pagkakatanda ko, sa librong "future shocks," tinalakay niya ang pag-usbong ng super industrial society. nasa ibaba ang mga siping ipapasa ko na lamang sa inyo ang pagsasalin dahil, hay, ewan, ang hirap:
"The illiterate of the future will not be the person who cannot read. It will be the person who does not know how to learn."
"The next major explosion is going to be when genetics and computers come together. I'm talking about an organic computer - about biological substances that can function like a semiconductor."

Some other streets within the City as of

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