Saturday, May 28, 2011


I think this is my first time to illustrate somebody else's work. I usually write and others draw or "commute" or interpret what I've written. Salamat sa tiwala, a, Lyza. To convince the editors and other people I have to convince that I am onto something (besides this er.. new attempt), I share:

*****beyond this line are more things you wouldn't give a fvck about*****

As usual, I'll self-handicap. If memory serves me right, this is probably my third er... decent drawing this year. The first one being this butterfly and the second being a tattoo design for a friend (which I am yet to polish! I'm also thinking of using that pattern for something...). If you want anything illustrated, do tell me so I'd be pressured to practice. I'd do it for free, but you'll have to keep bugging and reminding and poking me because focus is something I am yet to conquer.

Anyway, I hope Alyza Taguilaso, the writer of "Fragments," likes these, well, fragments. I am still working on my "art" if I could call it that. I feel old and rusty, but I do not feel like giving up on art (yet!) and other related shit. Let's be vague! I gave up on the filth of the system, though. Fvck **** and the filth. That is all, I guess. (I'll post my entry for the QBCCC #1 soon. Pag naisubmit ko na yung para sa #2. Thank you ulit sa Queer Brotherly Companion Comics Compendium Quarterly Bathroom Companion Comics Compendium, Josel, Deej at Merv! Pakiantay, ha!)


  1. Yay! Progress! Don't sweat yourself, man. Quality > expediency. I understand naman jobhunting et al. :) Tsaka this is better than my other collab with another friend na hanggang character designs lang ang inabot >__>'

    Baby steps! Keep me posted heh.

  2. Lost my mini-thumbnail layouts, tho. :L Pati yung initial na pagkakahati nung mismong verses. Dibale, mukha naman this is going somewhere. Pinost ko na rin sa public sphere para ipressure ang sarili to re/create. Hehe.

    AND, yes I will.



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