Sunday, July 27, 2014

post-event post event

a realization after every, er, after: the struggle for a better world, buying then consuming books, creating then selling books and updating a personal blog. these, er, things have something in common: i told my self a thousand times that this is the last mass action that i will attend, this is the last book i will buy or read because i have no space for new books, this is the last project i will release because i question the relevance of my creative or critical work and this is the last entry up my personal blog because who the fvck cares anyway and whoever gives that fvck i don't think i deserve will end up not giving a fvck after, in the belief that people in the same cirumstance/s that i am in shouldn't act this way, shouldn't think of how alone we all are in the end, really, or maybe i am the only one alone. yet, i continue with the struggle, consumption, production and publication of realizations such as this post. yet, i thank the comrades, customers, collaborators and spaces such as this to say things such as these that shall end in a manner so abrupt that

Saturday, July 19, 2014

being laibach through xeroxography, bltxv resched

due to glendamage, havoc wreaked by the weather disturbance, disturbing images and thoughts shall be brought to you by pseudocuments two, gastronomical visions, baby love, and nihil vers, as enumerated in a previous post, next saturday, july 26. same venue, same peers, pedantic pedestrians will also sell their stuff at my spot. see you there! also considering selling prints, related, or not, to nihil vers. if you can't make it tho, we can meet-up. the four aforementioned zines are ready. that is all for now, i thank you! update: dark chapel of ssm compiles event posters [here].

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

forthcoming: nihil vers: ode to deCo - art - app

as [aforementioned], here's the cover. get a copy
of  NIHIL VERSE: ode to deCo (Art + App) 
and other zines and stuff this july 19 at BLTXV

Thursday, July 10, 2014


tentative list of kalakal sa mesa: Pseudocuments Two: Files & Facts & Figures (2013) - P70; gastronomical visions (2013) - P70; Baby Love: Understanding Bestiality & Zoophilia (with Janine Dimaranan, 2014 pero tinatapos pa, TBA ang presyo!); NIHIL VERS: ode to deCo (Art. 1-3 + App. A & B) (2014 pero tinatapos pa, tinatapos pa, TBA ang presyo); stuff from Pedantic Pedestrians: Vandalisms w/ Citation (2014, TBA); Torture: A Manual (2014, TBA). BLTXV (Better Living Through Xeroxography 5), a small press expo / Uno Morato (Morato cor. E. Rodriguez, sa likod ng Sabroso Lechon) / 3 pm to sawa July 19 / takits

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Leksyon ng Bomba

Leksyon ng Bomba
malayang salin ng sipi mula sa Ang Hari (The King) ni Donald Barthelme

Pero ipagpalagay mo ang lohika. Noong unang panahon, may layuning militar ang pambobomba o iba pa —paglusob sa looban ng riles, pagdurog sa mga pabrika ng kaaway, pagsara sa mga pantalan, mga gano'ng shit. Ngayon, hindi na gano'n. Ngayon, ginagawa ang pambobomba upang maging karanasang pang-edukasyon. Para sa mga binomba. Pedagohiya ang pambobomba. Sa bubungan, isang sibilyang may patpat ng puting posporus ang malalim na nag-iisip kung gaano katagal niya pang nais magpatuloy ang giyera.

Some other streets within the City as of

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