Thursday, December 20, 2012

soundtracks to the apocalypse (& beyond?)

as i type, i download a personal copy of a hologram self that i am about to obliterate, that is meant to be obliterated before the end or during the first minutes of the beginning; hours ago, i have converted the THURSDAY NEVER LOOKING BACK in epub format into pdf; and had a glimpse of other pieces in the said end of the world antho which included zdzislawed artworks (look for these at the samhain countdown posts way back samhain last year), bangungot, among other artworks, litanya ng matandang ulupong and soliloquy of the olde serpent; glad to find the antho in my email after the tiring day of, yes, commuting, after suffering the stress caused by the season, the traffic, the stress, the hassle caused by the season which isn't even at its peak yet, as i told a good friend (hope you don't mind that i share this) who thought that maybe i am just allergic to other people, something i sorta agree with because i am fed up with all the information, unsolicited ones, irrelevant ones, that clutter my feed, but,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12.12.12: 12.21.12 soon

today: i bought two books; and speculated, realized, how far the technology of cloning could have been because of paul landers and richard dawkins; and i voluntarily "revised" an artwork. i am finishing a calendar; and i am fabricating a bionote; and i have been tripping on rammstein and on laibach and on apocalyptica the whole week, month, realizing things in the process. i am sharing a lifted initial table of contents: "Illustrations by Tilde Acuna; Exordium, by Vince Torres; Apokalipto, mula sa Bintana ng Nishi-Gotanda Library, ni Kristoffer Berse; Heartless Mother at the End of the World, by Julian de la Cerna; Notes on an Ascent, by Dean Francis Alfar; There is No Emergency, by Chingbee Cruz; What’s as Inexorable as an Ice Cream Meteorite Approaching Earth? by Crystal Koo; The Hardest Profession in the World War + Papi Machete + Pinoi Autonomous Oblast Region + Persian Eruption, by Aser Peleg; The Sign of Hermes, by Chiles Samaniego; Labi ng lahat sa labing-apat na linya, ni Ayer Arguelles; Notes on the Plagues, by Eliza Victoria; The Rapture, by Mica Agregado; We Will Die in the Water, by Rupert Bustamante; Variations on Armageddon + Again + The Sky is Falling, by Alyza Taguilaso; A Fatal Error has Occurred, by Mark Anthony Cayanan; No eyes behind our heads, by May Dy; Too Much, God, Too Much, by Eva Gubat; Manila Gothic, by May Dy; Rehearsal of Transit at the MRT, by Eva Gubat; Planetarium, by Chiles Samaniego; Of House This End, by Mia Tijam; New Year, by Fidelis Tan; cne, by Trizha Ko; Wake + Art Class, by Loh Guan Liang; Small Endings, by Hillary Go; Nobody is Watching, by Kristine Ong Muslim; Spoil, by Michelle Esquivias; The First Ocean; Caterpillar, by Kristine Ong Muslim; The End of the Word, by Ria Rigoroso; Litanya ng Matandang Ulupong + Soliloquy of the Olde Serpent, by Tilde Acuna; happiness&madness, by Gerecho Iniel Cruz;" these are initial contents of an antho edited by adam david, an antho that i will mention at the end of this post. i will scan the "revised" artwork and submit it with the fabricated bionote tomorrow; and i will be published in the end-of-the-world antho THURSDAY NEVER LOOKING BACK. 12.15.UPDATE:YBB.LINK

Sunday, December 9, 2012

factsheet6, siklab, rights3, bltxxx, qbccc3, zines

this is a nostalgia-tripping, looking-back, noting-to-self-what-i-have-been-doing post, so please bear w me. first things first, because tomorrow, we march to commemorate the international human rights day. way back 2010, we made a stop-motion vid to show the human rights situation in the philippines:

Saturday, December 8, 2012

imagined all the people.

(note: i am supposed to do an unsolicited progress report thing to self but let me offer this space for john lennon. the tragedy happened thirty two years ago. let me plug: if you want to humanize him, venerate him with understanding, you may heed the call of the lachrymologists. more info about the project [here], about the group [here]. tomorrow or the day after, i shall plug things that have been, are ongoing and will [hopefully] be. sighs.)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

belated hapi boni

spent yesterday commemorating and celebrating the life of the supremo at the streets of mendiola in the afternoon and watching "pitong sundang" in the evening. so, here gat andres is a drawing.

(p.s. also, to make your november 30 more productive: try visiting the blog bonifacio papers; or maybe learning from mark twain quotes. why mark twain? besides being anti-imperialist, twas also his birthday yesterday.

p.p.s. another reminder, secure and save your data from your multiply site. i think the export tool may only be used until december 1. that's today. yesterday's november 30. sorry for messing w you. that is all. kbye.)

Some other streets within the City as of

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