Sunday, December 9, 2012

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this is a nostalgia-tripping, looking-back, noting-to-self-what-i-have-been-doing post, so please bear w me. first things first, because tomorrow, we march to commemorate the international human rights day. way back 2010, we made a stop-motion vid to show the human rights situation in the philippines:

there. that's from RIGHTS v. 3. i dont know if we failed in delivering the message or not, but i am sure that the government failed to address the human rights violations oftentimes perpetuated by state forces themselves. STEX and Artists' Arrest have also held a series of FACTSHEET exhibits, the most recent being [FACTSHEET6], my 3rd time to participate. the 4th, if we include FACTSHEET43, the exhibit dedicated to Morong 43.

i remember writing two haikus, Freed the 43 [i]: "Detained for ten months / Were forty-three healthworkers/ Freed by the People." and [ii]: "Morong 43. / Illegally arrested. / Released through Protest." but up until now as arroyo, palparan, their ilk and kin and class remain unpunished, justice has not been served, as extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, illegal detention, trumped-up charges, and other human rights violations continue under the aquino ii regime that created a "superbody" to investigate the aforementioned issues. and what is this superbody? go figure.

still in line w international human rights day, kartunista manunulat / karMa kolektib celebrates its sixth anniversary w the opening of the art exhibit, SIKLAB. tomorrow, december 10. 3pm. opening at the humanities building in UPLB. SIKLAB is a part of the month-long anniv celebration, KALAYO. the other half of KALAYO is NINGAS, a some sort of a public poetry reading in the hall ways, buildings, streets of UPLB's vicinities. the recent publication of karMa kolektib is PAGMULAT. if you dont have a copy yet, please contact them through their facebook page.


for the third time, better living through xeroxography was held at ilyong's cubao. the image this paragraph follows is something i made for the second bltx. bltxxx happened last friday, december 7, 8pm to december 8, 3am. but, i am not quite sure of the time and the happenings, because i failed to attend. as usual, prior the event, there was a flood of posters. since i cant initially decide which one to use for this post, i opted to share the first poster used to promote the event:

meanwhile er, here is the first poster i made for the first bltx:

though i failed to drop by, at least, i somehow have a new release through the third volume of the quarterly bathroom companion comics compendium. "dalawang ibon: isang huntahan." a translation, or sort of visual interpretation of mao zedong's poem. i think this five-page comic shall also be publicly exhibited at karMa's SIKLAB. here's the rest of qbccc 3 : "With comics by: Apol Sta. Maria, Bong Redila, Dodo Dayao & Bong Leal, Mica Agregado, Mike Banting, Powil Guzmanos, Tilde Acuña, Trisha Sanijon, Trizha Ko; additional contributions by: Alan Navarra, Ammathorn, CarlJoe Javier, Dark Chapel; cover by AJ Bernardo &  Pejie Abia;  edited by Josel Nicolas & DJ Legaspi. Came out last week @ BLTX!;"

let me end by inviting you to SIKLAB, promising to release at least one zine (at most three, but i am kinda faithless that that would be possible) on december 21, linking to qbccc 2 posters and sharing the colored version of the cover of qbccc 3:

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