Friday, November 11, 2011

Pandora's Boxes [xi]: The "111111 = 6 crowbars x subconscious and more" post

Er.. Believe it or not, I checked the previous "Pandora's Box(es)", and it is marked "[x]." Incidentally, it is--yes, it has been repeated a few, believe me, a very very very few times--

That's mm/dd/yy+hr:min, though the order does not really matter. And, oh, those are a lot of crowbars 1111111111 = ten (10) crowbars! Feel free to choose 1 and hit those motherfvckers with it! Pun intended! Lame pun, I know! (And, yeah, 11-11-11 was November 11, 1911 [I wonder, did they make a big fuss back then?], not this day, but to join the bandwagon, let's 111111!)

Let me then share with you what this post would like to recollect. As I've mentioned that I've been dreaming again in the previous post (that was also a post that kind of shamelessly plugs my entry [{this} is the link to the actual entry, or, search for the group "Dito sa Mundong Kiko" in Facebook and do what you want with your life, vote for my entry, for another entry, ignore this remark, whatever] into some sort of a contest but dont worry because I would not plague your feed with my plug as I would deactivate, again, my facebook account at approximately 3:33AM), and I consider most dreams as nightmares, and

no worse nightmare than the feeling of having a routine that makes life seem mundane. I have been feeling like a machine lately and I (re)connect or (re)relate this to the machine-man mishmash themes that I am often fond of. Such may be traced back as early as circa 2006.

The artwork herein was created waaay back. I was a computer science major. I had planned, haha, a series back then. I was young and ambitious, though now, I still try to go beyond what I thought I cannot, or so I thought--the difference is, I am not young anymore, as vital signs indicate deteriorating health, if not old age or both. Anyway,

at its inset is the "self" or the "character" in my entry for QBCCC volume one. And, another work in progress among piles of works remaining in progress has something to do with these things, with this recollection. That is all. Good day. Good

Lengthy PS! This is also day when, as I've heard from the radio on the way home, Donaire was married. When asked why, he said because the number 111111 is lucky. When asked about his opinion regarding his wife wearing the wedding gown prior the wedding ceremony, he said he does not believe in superstition. Those statements are from the very same interview.

Is he delivering a punchline? Or-- I just don't ..get it (but, do I have to get it? Would I want to? Is it worth my time? Your time? Anyway!). Ugh, not worth thinking about, at least at this time. :L These evil, depressing, slash-other-people's wrists, hormonal times of anxiety.

PPS! As I've mentioned before, the september-october issue of UP Forum is up for [download]. Now, the articles have been uploaded, so, I'll update and link and all. My article on agri/cultural homogenization is [here], artworks [here], [here] and [here is a somewhat pixelated? pixelized? version]. Thank you.

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