Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An Exercise in ‘Understanding Lacrhymology’

(This is in solidarity with the international day to end impunity.)

An Exercise in ‘Understanding Lacrhymology

We have learned in the previous chapter that, in sum, lachrymology is the study of crying. It is among the modern, therapeutic ways to find and to comprehend truths for the individual, the community, the society and the im/material threads that connect, that bind, that keep them, intact, together, whether they like it or not. Now, let us focus on

applied lachrymology, the branch of lachrymology that, as the name implies, deals with its applications in the everyday life of survival, struggle and even strangling of the self. You may practice by applying the anxiety-enlightenment formulae where

you divide the product of individual anxiety and degree of anxiety raised to the third power by the product of the average collective distance of sympathizers and summation of measurable dissent of candles lit during recorded commemorations--to gauge the anxiety-sincerity ratio and probability of in/justice. Now, apply what you have learned and find

the mass needed to accelerate justice with the force available, where force equals anxiety-sincerity ratio multiplied by political will over political awareness. Or, compute that which remains unknown. Choose

at least one of the following cases: 1.) the massacre of, say, 33 journalists, or, make that about 57 individuals (please use the default impunity variable to compute individual anxiety); 2.) one of the individual cases of enforced disappearances (please see Chapter 5: Variables for Particular Anxieties, and use them to compute

the relative amputation of human rights); 3.) one of the presidents who are yet to serve their terms in prison (please include a computation of the volume of arrogance and impunity by solving the angle of smug together with the area of the mug shot); or 4.) one of the hundreds of news of injustices in the past three days. Please show and share your solutions, as there are no similar means to solve problems such as these. Also remember

to 1.) cry regularly, as dry eyes that hold tears back--or has no tears to hold back--end up blinded as unwashed blunders block perception in the same way as excessive crying blurs reality; thus 2.) moderate crying, as over-fatigued eyes may see, if at all, little slivers of light--had light been shed; so 3.) watch out for those xanthous slivers of light that may pierce your cornea and may cause temporary damage to your optic nerves; and, 4.) as you go through difficulties such as these meta-mathematical dilemmas challenging your in/sanity, these digits that you do not really have to go through to understand the tenets of lachrymology, keep in mind that

with accuracy in dosages of fluids and the appropriate concentrated solution of tears and blood and sweat and the correct amount of nicotine and caffeine and philosophy and transcendence and people and dialectics, lachrymology applied to society shall have enough therapeutical effects and aftermaths on the collective unconscious that shall inevitably manifest in the conscious level of the collective material plane.


  1. Reminds me of your pet project. Pressure, tsong. Ang ganda neto, eh.

    *apir* KJ

  2. weh? hehe. salamat sa pagbisita KJ! sent mail, btw.


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