Friday, August 31, 2012

Ang Kutob (Strand)

hayaan akong ulitin ang sarili at ibahagi ito sa gitna ng ambang pananalasa ng tsunami sa ilalim ng asul diumanong buwan sa saliw ng cello at tinig ni melora sa pagwawakas ng buwan ng wika sa pagsisimula na naman ng setyembreng nagsimula rin dati sa panahong inakalang magiging maayos ang daloy ng lahat.

Ang Kutob
malayang salin ni Tilde Acuña
ng tula ni Mark Strand

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Huling Hiling (Verlaine)

burador palagi.

Huling Hiling
malayang salin ni Tilde Acuña
ng tula ni Paul Verlaine

Katabi ng isang hamak na bato, isang punong
Lumulutang sa simoy ng sementaryo,
Hindi nakatanim sa paggunita roon,
Ngunit 'di mapigil ang paglago, mabalasik, malaya.

May ibong dumating at dumapo roon upang humuni,
Tag-lamig at tag-init, naghahandog
Ng tapat nitong awitin—malungkot, matamis, mapait.
Ang punong iyon, ang ibong iyon ay ako at ikaw:

Ikaw, gunita; pagkawala, ako, ang agos na iyon
At talaan ng panahon. Hay, sa iyong tabi
Ang mabuhay muli, hindi namamatay! Tumpak,

Ang mabuhay muli! Aking giliw,
Ngayo'y kahungkagan, lamig, umaangkin sa aking laman...
Mapananatili bang masigla ng pagmamahal mo ang gunita?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

dreadful, shameful plug: PMP's "asuang" issue, sold out; among the sales are contributors' copies

i think i have burned a lot of bridges. enough bridges to make me think twice of burning another. there are still debts left unpaid. from individuals. even from institutions. i also have debts i am yet to pay. but i am resolved that i will pay them. beating around the bush is over. let us get to the point while i remain pissed at my bag being soaked despite the preparation i thought was enough, fvcking weather, anyway, so, here goes whatever goes:

upon knowing that my prose poem was chosen for publication, i felt the usual feeling of giggly victory of my work being approved by people other than besties. so, "Litanya ng Matandang Ulopong" made it to the "asuang" issue of paper monster press. wait. "Ulopong." well, the spelling is accepted but it does not hit the spot, the sound is, er, an eyesore. "Ulopong." and, besides, i did not commit the typographical error as "Litanya ng Matandang Ulupong" was the title upon my submission. thinking that there might be a reason behind the edit, i inquired and found out that it is a mistake. but it remained uncorrected. fun. plus, my artwork was modified for the cover. fun. so, i implied in another post how impossibly pissed i am. then, i let it pass. inhale. exhale. relax. if zen may be invoked w sotto and the trapos and the circus of happenings, then this peeve shall pass.

until. i inquired of the complimentary copy. something that this small press promised contributors, those whose works shall be accepted for publication. in fact, they have a call for submission for their "firestarter" issue. go. try your luck. submit. and i quote: "The deadline is on September 30, 2012. Contributors get 1 complimentary copy + a warm fuzzy feeling of seeing their name on print. ;)" below the cut is my exchange through personal message with PMP editor ayn frances dela cruz. i could tell based on-- well, once you exchanged messages, you will know how one writes, right? so, here, see for yourself, use discourse analysis if you may and decide whether you will put your work through their lenses and have your work published with-- i dont know. you find out:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ang Bulan (Borges)

maraming naiuugnay sa buwan. ang huli ang pagpanaw ng diumanong unang taong nakatapak dito, si Neil Armstrong, r.i.p. (delayed na naman nang kaunti ang pakikiramay sa mundo, tulad nung kay jerry nelson, pasensiya na.) ang bawat mythos, madalas sa hindi, may diyos/ang partikular sa buwan. ang kasamang pelikulang nasa orb ng oceania concert nang awitin nila ang "tonight, tonight" ay "Trip to the Moon" ni Georges Méliès na makikita rin sa pelikulang "Hugo."

at maging ang mga kwento ng paboritong kwentista, hindi nakaliligtas sa alindog ng buwan, halimbawa'y ang "Distance of the Moon" ni Calvino, at ngayo'y itong tula ni Borges (bagamat, siyempre, mas kilala siyang kwentista pero maari, malamang, may kwento siya tungkol sa buwan, hindi ko lang mahagilap sa memorya sa kasalukuyan.) magkasunod palang namatay ang dalawang nabanggit. 1985 si Calvino, 1986 si Borges.

pinili ang salitang bulan para hindi gaanong maiugnay sa "month." at-- ayoko nang magpaliwanag pala-- silipin na lamang at saglit lang naman ngunit may lamlam pa rin ang liwanag

Ang Bulan
salin ni Tilde Acuña ng salin ni 
A.s. Kline ng tula ni Jorge Luis Borges

Monday, August 27, 2012

paaralan+kalikasan (Follain)

Paaralan at Kalikasan
salin ni Tilde Acuña
ng salin ni W.S. Merwin
ng tula ni Jean Follain

Nakaguhit sa pisara
ng silid-aralan sa isang bayan
isang bilog na nananatiling buo
at iniwanan ang upuan ng guro
at nag-uwian ang mga mag-aaral
may isang naglalayag sa baha
may isa namang solitaryong nag-aararo
at pakiwal-kiwal ang kalye
isang ibon ang nagpapatagas
ng itim na mga patak ng kanyang dugo.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

"count dracula" tribute

now, heaven will know the body count, perhaps?
anyway, send my regards to borges, wherever your 
forking paths cross, be it in a garden or a wasteland.
or a library, or an e-library, or, hey, this 
can go on and on and on, so i stop to say, to sigh,

better late than never: rest in peace, jerry nelson.
sensya na ser kung eto lang ang kinaya. takits.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reverence [ix]: Nadezhda

[cropped from source]

*About REVERENCE: Posts labeled with reverence are photographs or images of people the resident of the carcosite admires like a fangurl. Entries such as this shall have no caption or labels, besides this caption that shall blankly describe what REVERENCE is. So blank that all you can do is wander via google about the featured entity and wonder. Well, this is, simply, a facade for fangurling; and an attempt to pretend that the label REVERENCE means something. Yes, hollow words, I know. Good day. By the way, there is a good chance that I am preparing or planning some sort of (private) hagiography for revered entities featured herein. Not really, as time is so scarce a resource these days. sighs. Images below are lifted without permission from their respective sources. You may imprison me with her for copyright infringement if it pleases you. Kidding. Please tell me if you own the images and want your content removed.*

"We are freer than the people sitting opposite us for the prosecution because we can say everything we like, and we do, but those people sitting there say only what political censorship allows them to say."

Friday, August 24, 2012

pagsisisi (pagbati, borges)

kaarawan ni bradbury noong isang araw. gusto ko tuloy silipin ang zen in the art of writing. parang kailan lang nang mamaalam siya. wala akong ginawang kahit ano para sa kanya maliban sa recent excerpt translation dahil tinalakay ko naman ang katha niya sa isang kumperensya. ngayon, araw ni borges. bagamat tiyak na hindi kami magkakasundo sa pulitika, lubos ang paggalang ko sa kwentistang ito. on other news, nasasanay na ako sa facebook timeline at mas madali mag-nostalgia trip at maglibang sa mga kahibangang dala ng pagiging, ewan ko, kabataan bagamat hindi pa rin naman ako katandaan. isa pang other news, long weekend na naman at binabalak kong madama ang isang ito, hindi tulad nung nakaraang long weekend na ewan ko ba. ano pa ba? wala na maliban sa

malayang salin ni Tilde Acuña
ng tula ni Jorge Luis Borges
[meron pa ritong dalawang salin]

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

good news bad news briefs

good news: as i post this entry, the conference is ongoing. i shall present my paper tomorrow, and i have received the schedule two days ago, but i did not have the luxury of access to the internet, so, there. bad news: upon logging in to facebook, i found out that i am about to be timelined. on the 29th. somehow a good news as i will be compelled to avoid facebook and to try being productive. good news: i have acquired new books and migrated old loved ones into the new home. bad news: besides less shelf space in the new home (no, um, real shelves, actually, just, i dont know, one constructed from books, anyway-- ), upon returning to the old home to fetch books, found out that some books had their near-death experiences because of the nameless storm that dared impede the oceania concert. victims however are recognizable, but they have to fight the disease. good news: i have been (re)reading and soundtripping and wallowing in coffee the whole loooong weekend, though some stuff on the list remained undone. boring for most, but more than enough for me. i guess that is about it. unsolicited life updates. i thank you.

Friday, August 17, 2012

paper re: little killers++

familar with stewie griffin from the show family guy? or, maybe, years ago, hiei or vincent from yu yu hakusho or ghost fighter when there were, you know, flashbacks with, you know, yukina or mikaela? or any fictional toddler with the wit not of a kid but of a trickster of some sort? if not, try remembering, dammit. so i can make you interested enough and invite you to a conference.

as i've mentioned in the previous post, i shall post the abstract of my presentation for the conference "LITERATURE, MEDIA, AND THE ROMANCE OF CHILDHOOD: States of Innocence and the Business of Frightening Our Children" after receiving the finalized schedule. however, as of the moment, looong weekend's coming and there's still no word as regards the definite programme. but, my abstract was accepted, i believe. otherwise, i dont know. i'd look like da vinci's fetus drawing because of shame. though i am not certain of the exact time, as i've mentioned, most probably, i'll present my paper come thursday morning. after the image [source] is the cut; after the cut, the abstract; after the abstract, an image i liked and lifted from paper monster press's page [asuang launch facebook event page here][pmp warning here]. after the image is a text lifted from the organizers' facebook event page. that is all. i thank you. (oh, while we're at it, further down this post are details of the exhibit of The Cabinet at kanto gallery.)

Birth Caul of Small Assassins: A Study of Unborns and Infants in Selected Comics and Folk Epics

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

shameless plug: confe re: children and literature

would be my first time to present a paper. nervous. title: "Birth Caul of Small Assassins: A Study of Unborns and Infants in Selected Comics and Folk Epics." other resource peeps from elbi, as far as i know, are sir chris and sir D. schedule's uncertain tho. but most probably, i will talk (and stutter) on the 23rd. would post the abstract upon receiving an email revealing the sched and so on. out of words. out of time. lifted the image and the text below the cut and after the image from the likhaan website.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Siklo ng Idlip (Dean Young)

bukod sa salin at maikling pagpapakilala, ibabahagi ko na lamang ang mahalagang impormasyon mula kay ma'am jonelle marin (ng departamento ng humanidades) tungkol kay Gaudiosa Albestor a.k.a. Tita Ghing: "Sa mga naging anak-anakan, kaibigan at kasama ni Tita Ghing, may ihahandang programa para sa kaniya sa Miyerkules, 8PM sa Heaven's Garden (Anos, Los Banos). Maaari po akong kontakin sa numerong ito para sa mga tanong at daloy ng programa. (0915*******)" (itanong na lamang sa akin o tignan sa facebook post ko ang # ni jonelle.) magpahinga, salamat sa pagkunsinti at sa pagsuporta at sa pagkupkop at sa pagpapakape at sa pakikipagtsikahan at sa pang-iisyu at sa pagpapakape at sa pagpapakape at sa marami pang pakikisamang hindi magkakasaya sa salita. -mula sa mga naging bahagi ng konseho ng mga mag-aaral (USC) at ng opisyal na pahayagang pang-estudyante (UPLB Perspective) at ng marami pang student organizations; at mula sa mga humihiram ng libro sa TERC (textbook exchange and rental center). hay.

Siklo ng Idlip
malayang salin ni Tilde Acuña
ng tula ni Dean Young
alay kay Tita Ghing

Monday, August 13, 2012

shorts [x]: lawa sa oktubre

walang kinalaman ang numerong 'x' sa piniling sipi. kaninang tanghali ko pa binasa ang kuwentong ito at napagpasyahang isalin kanina pa habang nanananghalian at hindi ko alam na ika-sampu na itong shorts. [tsinek ko at mula kay hunter s. thompson ang ika-ix.] andami kong shit na maaring ikunek-kunek sa iba pang shit tulad ng bukal ng pagkahumaling kong hindi pa nagwawakas pero tiyak namang magwawakas lalo at sapak sa buwan ang pagkakataong-- tama na. matapos ang ilang ligoy, naririto na ang kapiraso mula sa "The Lake" na siya ring piraso mula sa The October Country, kuleksyon ng mga kuwento ni Ray Bradbury:

Friday, August 10, 2012

evacuating multiply

mutiply cant keep up anymore. it will be with friendster, up their social networking heaven, bidding farewell, leaving things up to facebook so and so. below are few photographs containing memories. i shall evacuate stuff from my multiply account once the download account sort of option is possible. btw, the spraypainting photo, i believe, is rula's shot. the shadowplay photo, i believe, is anna's shot. that is all. hope to save most if not all evacuees soon, else these digital memories drown in the void.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

orchid + oceania

"when the seas rose, genetics codes were smashed." those are the first words of the comic book Orchid, written by the nightwatchman tom morello, illustrated by scott hepburn. morello tells how an apathetic lumpen, the namesake of the comic book, begins to care during a hopeless time in a dystopian plane. in this volume, the epic tale unravels at the meeting point of environmental destruction and corporate greed, revealing morello's insight on politics and economy, and revisiting a portion of the narrative's history for a glimpse of how orchid's nightmare of a reality was brought about. Orchid comes with a musical score for each chapter, adding more effect to morello's concept and hepburn's visual storytelling. disclaimer: again, i am not an evil advertiser, but rolling stone says that morello brings class consciousness to comics. looking forward to the 2nd and 3rd volumes.

further adding to the wrought havoc care of the nameless monsoon is the smashing pumpkins' Oceania concert here in manila. [manila bulletin: "no time to drown: billy corgan meets rain-soaked manila"] though the sound system does not quite hit the right spot making my live recording seem like a sunn o))) track or some other drone metal album, the globe visual effects thing at the center of the stage feels heavenly, not in the christian or any other religion kind of way, but in a relaxing kind of way with those cosmic themes that reminds me of tool album designs, lovecraftian cosmic horror, new age, transcendence, birth, death, stellar lunar solar things, sacred geometry and so on. aside from other matters that need not be mentioned, XYU and Zero made the night better. ending this post with the setlist:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reverence [viii]: Nicole

*About REVERENCE: Posts labeled with reverence are photographs or images of people the resident of the carcosite admires like a fangurl. Entries such as this shall have no caption or labels, besides this caption that shall blankly describe what REVERENCE is. So blank that all you can do is wander via google about the featured entity and wonder. Well, this is, simply, a facade for fangurling; and an attempt to pretend that the label REVERENCE means something. Yes, hollow words, I know. Good day. By the way, there is a good chance that I am preparing or planning some sort of (private) hagiography for revered entities featured herein. Images below are lifted without permission from []*

"Manila, I am so happy that we still get to play tomorrow night. My heart was breaking when I thought we would be leaving here without rocking out for you!"

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sa Isang Bintana (Sandburg)

burador. walang pasok bukas. fields of the nephilim.

Sa Isang Bintana
salin ni Tilde Acuña ng tula ni Carl Sandburg

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

shameful asuang plug

i don't know what to say. and the speechlessness doesn't necessarily mean i am happy. leaving it at that. below the cut is the complete list. lifted without permission. that is all. (let me link the final entry to last year's 31-day writing challenge at teka, bakit ako nag-iingles-ingles e buwan ng wika? ang pasimuno ng hamong iyon noon ay si ser german gervacio. ang huli kong piyesa ay fanfiction. pamagat ay "komentaryo ng kalbo" na may zine na rin, pwede umorder sa akin, iilang kopya na lamang iyon, pero kung nais mo basahin, hindi ko naman ipagdaramot: [basahin ang "komentaryo ng kalbo" at silipin ang links sa 31 na piyesa na hindi naman 31 dahil sa ilang "pandaraya."])


Some other streets within the City as of

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