Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pandora's Boxes [x]: [P]rotest

Honestly, I am not quite sure how this tumblog [if that's what it's called] ended up with the array, the massive deluge of google chrome tabs that are nothing but links to *some text missing* So, as the weather feels glum and angsty and enraged, let me share a screen cap from the said blog as I feel glum and angsty and enraged over someone I am pertaining to at the end of another *some text missing* who is kinda hard to stalk as she leaves, if at all, few footprints here in the interwebs. And, if in any motherfucker of a circumstance, she stumbled upon this post, I would have creeped her out more than I already did. And, may I add that I myself am creeped out by my own lame unsolicited disclosure. Let's just pretend neither of you read any of this. On with the olde quoted editorial.

If you cannot read it and you're to lazy too click, then let me help you out: "Our victories have taught us that the unified ranks of the Iskolars ng Bayan is a decisive force to advance our interest for free and quality education. So long as the administration pushes instead for a commercialized education and fails to champion our democratic interests, we will always have the justifiable reason to dissent. "

This was way back when the UPLB [P]erspective was, say, progressive--the official student publication of UPLB that remained steadfast in its being a student publication that remains true to its mandate, to its call, to its militant tradition of struggling for the objective interests of the students, ie, quality education for all. By the way, here's a [link] to protests vs education budget cuts worldwide.

A lot still left undone. With my job. With my art shit. With society. And here I am ranting about how a lot of things are left undone--as manifested by the adherence of--still--a lot of people to that focus-on-your-studies-first-rather-than-protest-then-run-for-office-and-change-the-system-and-pray-for-guidance thinking [link], which has already been pwn3d atleast twice [link] and [link].

Had you joined the protest, you would have seen scholars, professors, lawyers, writers and others in whatever professions they are in. Jun Cruz Reyes, Rolando Tolentino, Mykel Andrada, Sarah Raymundo, Gerry Lanuza, Krissy Conti, Judy Taguiwalo are just among the 10,000-strong contingent of which 2,000 are from UP Diliman. With them are the University's students and employees who focused on their learning--an education not confined within any formal institution such as the academe--and later concluded that the streets is a legit venue for staging protests--protests that are based on objective analysis of material conditions. Andami ko na namang sinabi, e pagrereminisce lang dapat ng [P]! And,

May Bagyo, Walang Pasok

May Bagyo, Walang Pasok

Signal number ano ba ang
sampunlibong estudyante?
Wala akong instrumentong
panukat nito, subalit

klarong kahit walang sikat
ng araw: ang sampunlibong
estudyanteng sumuspinde
sa klase ay hindi anggi,

hindi ambon kundi unos
ang mamamayang nag-aral
ng lipunan sa lansangan,
kung saan bumabagyo ng

protesta, kung saan hindi
kailangang sabihing walang
pasok upang lumiban sa
opisina man o 'skwela,

kung sa'n nagbabantang muli--
hindi si Ondoy kundi--ang
mga sinalanta nitong
walang masilungan, walang

makain, walang anuman
dahil sa pagkakait ng
naghahari, at kung saan
mapatutunayang muli:

Walang pasok t'wing may Sigwa.

~arbeen acuna, na iba pa kay tildeng dibuhistang lumpen, somewhere
sa metro manila ika-27 setyembre habang nangwawasak si pedring.
btw, kuhang-larawan ko yan^ noong ika-23 setyembre sa mendiola
at hunghang ang nagsabing 1k tao lang ang nagrehistro ng protesta.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

M is for Movement

a rough draft like everything else in this blog.

i. In the acronym MOOE, M is for "Maintenance." In the case of Malacanang, Valte in particular, M is for "Morons who should have focused on trying to consult google and researched first what M in MOOE means before even telling the militant students (who are aware that M in MOOE is not 'Miscellaneous') to focus on their studies." M is for

Meaning, or for Multiplicity of Meaning, or for Masquerade of Meaning, through arithmetic magic among other methods of fabricating information.

M is for the "massacre of the people" care of the machination of Malacanang to deny access to basic social services and even deny access to life by issuing execution orders, the malversation of anything that can be misappropriated in the name of maintaining order, the misdeed of manufacturing lies such as nominal---never substantial--increase in the budget for education and other social services such as

the medical care that does not really care as the generous government is so generous that it is willing to spend a peso (which cannot even purchase a chewing gum that one may, well, chew, while waiting in line for check-up) for each of the citizens, M is for murder, metaphorical, brutal, spiritual, legal, physical, transcendental, emotional, even literal murder that is the punishment for those

M's being "militants marching to Mendiola" (include different metaphorical mendiolas, as well), the masses who know the constitution more than lawmakers who only know how to manipulate the laws for their private interests. M is for martyrs, victims of killings and enforced disappearances, metonyms of mobilizations as monumental fractions of the Revolution. M is for the Movement against another M that is this Machine that shall be

dismantled at all costs and be rebuilt as another Machine and perhaps be dismantled again and be rebuilt and be dismantled a couple of times depending on the metastability of the system and its material conditions and its multi-cultural/-sectoral considerations which may include M being maroons from the University and maroons from other universities and maroons of the Philippine society living their lives like the maroon people who are marooned, ie, left, abandoned by the state that cares for nothing but

M's being Malls (yes, protect the malls, the private properties of the propertied, and kill the people struggling for a better world, the public): the manifestation of the market, the monetary, the motive for profit that reduces everything into another M being mediocrity--forget the quality of life, forget human dignity, forget everything for the sake of money while claiming that that monopoly is for the sake of the majority, for the sake of societal stability. M is for the messianic complex, the chronic disorder of the ruling elite--those megalomaniacs masquerading their decision-making as a necessary sacrifice that has to be made for the salvation of the humanity--that propagates and infects the middle class into

subscribing to the template of changing the world by earning a degree then running for office then initiating change: something which is only possible if you can pay for your education, secure a political clan and be so divine as to be immune to the operating system's filth--though there are, of course, exceptions. M is for the model or life cycle that they shove up our throats: be born, be raised by a family, be educated, be employed and work til you die without angering the dysfunctional system that nurtured you into the mechanical being that you are, into the mechasapien that maintains this Machine that attempts to confine

the aforementioned M among other aforementioned M's, being any Movement that attempts to humanize the mechanized, ie, the alienated, the estranged; that attempts to re/program compassion into hearts of cold steel; that attempts to make the desensitized sensitive again. (M is for the margin that divides an attempted sociopolitical commentary being this first part from the the next part, which shall be more of a brief offtangent personal reflection or rather a confession that shall inevitably reek of preferences that might not be of interest to any of you. This parenthetical remark is that aforementioned margin serving as another M being a monition that suggests you stop reading from this point.)

ii. As admission of being human, and neither a god nor a beast nor a machine, and as an attempt of getting things off my chest in compliance with Che Guevarra's quote that I'd rather not quote any longer, and as both the foundation of physics and the foundation of the societal order are consistently being challenged and threatened into obsolescence, I dare say

that this time, M is neither for the love of Maynard James Keenan and Milla Jovovich nor for the love of the music of Massive Attack, Meshuggah, My Dying Bride, Mars Volta among other M's but for the mission of stirring an intrigue by declaring that the problem that needs to be solved is the variable M raised to two.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

King Inang Yellow x Oil Trioctopoid Hainakus

I know.
Lame puns, right?

by the way,

This blog is
glad you're

jerking each other
off, King and the trinity
of its octopoid

discharge oil from their
grimed tentacles; forced entry
to and fro our holes.


[transport strike news][more poems collected by km 64 against oil price hike] Oh, another [news] that shows they don't want their love affair of sexcapades interrupted by people who are affected by their appendages powered by corporate libido for exaggerated profit that shoots high up in the air during their ejaculation, and exaggerated multiple orgasm for capital. They shall remember that such, say, upward outbursts are among the instances when what goes up, comes down like fuck.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

15 days of pretentious fangurling-driven solidarity with Chile

And, no, google. Really. I meant solidarity with Chile. Not with China. You're being a dictator. Shed onion skin, for chrissakes. Just party like hell during dictatorship as resistance to all dictatorships from hell, including LFS's. How principled. How noble. Wouldn't say "How Ateneo," as I know and I respect people from Ateneo. Does Emmanuel Lacaba ring a bell? *bell rings* *another bell rings*

Anyway, go party and find love interests as we're interested (hi mainstream media! thanks for covering those significant, news-worthy details!) and react by not reacting to shalani soldedad's engagement, noynoy, for solidarity with one Chilean, ie, Sebastián Piñera. *updated this post at 0400, 16sept2011*
  • Gusto ko irehistrong narealize kong isa lang ang dahilan ng lahat ng ginawa, ginagawa, gagawin ko: for international solidarity. w chile.
  • Sharing "CarcositeNewsNet: September Jumpstart," for international solidarity with Chile. [http://t.co/L0rLWC8] challenge, komix, antho, play
  • Celebrating Freddie Mercury's birthday while enjoying the google feature, then, leaving in a while, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • Wasakan dito, wasakan sa latinamericas, wasakan sa kalawakan, wasakan para umunlad, dialectics, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • Let sleepless nights commence once again, let caffeine calm your nerves, let daydreams come true, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • Humming Samael's Alliance [http://t.co/wJJdInc] to heart, to jumpstart stressful days to come, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • Wishing Maria a happy birthday, for international solidarity with Chile. [http://t.co/3GBdovN]
  • Echoing Brecht during lunchtime w/o lunch, "First comes a full stomach, then comes ethics," for international solidarity with Chile.
  • For the nth time, you taught me a lesson I didn't want to learn; think I've lost something today, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • Cuban cigars and lung cancer vaccines, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • RT @Kurt_Vonnegut : "A sane person to an insane society must appear insane." Dapat umastang wasak ang matinong tao sa lipunang wasak? Amats? Translating, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • Attempting to consolidate seemingly isolated & unfounded fits of rage, frustration & desolation, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • [http://t.co/QGxewEI] starting the end [i], for international solidarity with Chile.
  • Testing whether I've un-synched with facebook, for international solidarity with Chile. Declaring SNS hiatus as well. For the nth time.
  • jupiterian vibes, for international solidarity with chile.
  • wondering whether i should update my tumblr, tho i already have a blogger account, for international solidarity with chile.
  • Relearning how thankless thankless jobs are, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • [http://t.co/PZNhDSb] starting the end [ii], for international solidarity with Chile. sana matapos din ang balak na 911 drawing. *sigh*
  • [http://t.co/nFg0xeY] impending middle class unrest, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • [http://t.co/vU6e14F] celebrating the 666th question answered via formspring, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • making tweets public as i'm inactive in FB, as some sorta senseless social experiment, or whatever, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • [http://t.co/ZdxHjsg] Should have observed World Suicide Prevention Day, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • Maling mali, nakatulog, maling mali, kailangan na namang bumawi ng puyat, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • Top 5, daw, o, tho, mas chix, I think si madame venezuela. Nakiki-miss universe, for intergalactic solidarity with Chile.
  • 3rd runner-up daw? Sabagay, kung architecture na graduate with honors from UP, tas miss universe, too much na ano? Tas excess na iyan kung kasing chix ni madame venezuela, plus may iron yagbols at silver nose ring ni Camila Vallejo. Hayun. Idealism, for cosmic solidarity with Chile.
  • Kinilabutan btw sa nazi account bagamat fiction, for international solidarity w Chile. Heto excerpt na quotable quote [http://t.co/Oy2CIP9]
  • [http://t.co/C9EJLya] dreaming in binary, humanizing machines, impending robot apocalypse, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • MIBF! Sana, god, tsaka kahit ikaw na kaaway ni god, magbayad na ho sa kin ang mga may pagkakautang, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • [http://t.co/NSiX9mS] strike against price hikes and budget cuts, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • [http://t.co/6jR8kX3] LFS pwn3d the pa-cool, pa-star, pa-hey-motherfuckers-my-lovelife-matters penoy, for international solidarity w Chile.
  • Ewan ko, ha, kinda miserable sa facebook, ewan ko, ha, gusto ko manlaslas ng pulso ng iba, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • Planning some sort of an attack that wouldn't really be that massive, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • In silence and in awe and in brief overheard conversations, applauding the triumphs of the Union, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • RT @God_Damn_Batman for international solidarity with Chile : "Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Give a man a well placed strike to his L1 vertebrae & he’ll eat through a straw."
  • Conceding this a regression, considering regretting the concession, white flag before an attack, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • Apparently, atrasado ang avantgarde gamit ang allegedly abanteng lente ano? Thinking out loud, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • Laging may mas mahirap arukin, lakbayin, akyatin kaysa sa inaarok, nilalakbay at inaakyat natin, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • Temporarily concluding the nonstop 15-day fangurling, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • [http://t.co/ErIBkFQz] writing exer / attempt at productivity, in the vein of that like / unlike thing, for international solidarity w Chile.
  • #NowPlaying PJ Harvey's Happy and Bleeding, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • #NowPlaying PJ Harvey's Broken Harp, apologies, andaldal, noise feed, noise pollution, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • @zorayalorena onga eh, haha ang ingay. at ampanget ng dating ng next! #NowPlaying PJ Harvey's Legs, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • Resisting the urge to drop by the MIBF, as I've weak purchasing powers, making excuses for & against, for international solidarity w Chile.
  • #NowPlaying Panawagan Ng Katotohanan [by The Wuds http://t.co/FLRGc5gH], for international solidarity with Chile.
  • Fuck caffeine immunity, #NowPlaying Metatron by the Mars Volta, when will I breakdown, lately I might, for international solidarity w Chile.
  • Clearing phone inbox of your crap to give way for more crap, updating windows with more crap, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • mabagal na net, na phone, na pagpoproseso, solong minemercury retrogade, inaantok, nagpapalpitate, for international solidarity with Chile.
  • opening at least twenty tabs for international solidarity w Chile. seriously. every time i go online. 20 tabs for Chile. for 15 days. sighs.
  • excessive fangurling as stress reliever temporarily ends, for international solidarity with Chile. have to read and write.
  • P.S. LA REVOLUCIÓN MÁS VIVA QUE NUNCA! FUERZA @camila_vallejo, la solidaridad desde las filipinas!
  • @camila_vallejo FUERZA A LOS ESTUDIANTES QUE SIGAN A DELANTE POR UNA EDUCACIÓN GRATUITA Y DE CALIDAD! la solidaridad desde las filipinas
  • Sebastián Piñera [http://t.co/y40wfeTu] ? King Inang Yellow Aquino [http://t.co/U9nrwq36] ? What's the difference?
  • Spot the difference, for international solidarity w Chile. Yes, tweeted those tweets like all tweets, for international solidarity w Chile.
  • copied THIS from nin via fb & RT'd as i know someone who is still alive because i cant afford a hitman, for international solidarity w chile

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spectacleshards [iv]: Borges's

[screencap of google's tribute to Borges]

Starting this post by expressing how Jorge Luis Borges's Deutsches Requiem gave me the goosebumps, raising, erecting hairs all over the body, a tingling in the spine that needs not be explained, a guilt caused by the god complex that infected all people, though they may not be aware of it, as if it were natural, thus, it may not be beyond the normal at all, and this story tells the half-truths we may not want to half-accept, this story being a horror story without the monsters, except the the selves, the humanity, the god, the beast that is inherently in us, and, that we collectivley, deliberately, allow to come into all the planes of existence we can fathom and feel and fuck. Spontaneity, For international solidarity with Chile, Tilde. (A lame effort to attention-whore. Yes, fangurling hasn't ended yet. And I feel like I am being hated for it. Paranoia strikes like fuck. Anyway, sorry if this bothers you. Thanks in advance for dropping by.)

En el primer volumen de Parerga und paralipomena releí que todos los hechos que pueden ocurrirle a un hombre, desde el instante de su nacimiento hasta el de su muerte, han sido prefijados por él. Así, toda negligencia es deliberada, todo casual encuentro una cita, toda humillación una penitencia, todo fracaso una misteriosa victoria, toda muerte un suicidio. No hay consuelo más hábil que el pensamiento de que hemos elegido nuestras desdichas; esa teleología individual nos revela un orden secreto y prodigiosamente nos confunde con la divinidad. ¿Qué ignorado propósito (cavilé) me hizo buscar ese atardecer, esas balas y esa mutilación? No el temor de la guerra, yo lo sabía; algo más profundo. Al fin creí entender. Morir por una religión es más simple que vivirla con plenitud; batallar en Éfeso contra las fieras es menos duro (miles de mártires oscuros lo hicieron) que ser Pablo, siervo de Jesucristo; un acto es menos que todas las horas de un hombre. La batalla y la gloria son facilidades, más ardua que la empresa de Napoleón fue la de Raskolnikov. [source]

I hope she doesn't mistake me for fascist or a Nazi visionary of some sort. Here's Julian Palley's translation of the excerpt (though, of course, I suggest that you read the story first):

In the first volume of Parerga und Paralipomena I read again that everything which can happen to a man, from the instant of his birth until his death, has been preordained by him. Thus, every negligence is deliberate, every chance encounter an appointment, every humiliation a penitence, every failure a mysterious victory, every death a suicide. There is no more skillful consolation than the idea that we have chosen our own misfortunes; this individual teleology reveals a secret order and prodigiously confounds us with the divinity. What unknown intention (I questioned vainly) made me seek, that afternoon, those bullets and that mutilation? Surely not fear of war, I knew; something more profound. Finally I hit upon it. To die for a religion is easier than to live it absolutely; to battle in Ephesus against the wild beasts is not so trying (thousands of obscure martyrs did it) as to be Paul, servant of Jesus; one act is less than a man's entire 134life. War and glory are facilities; more arduous than the undertaking of Napoleon was that of Raskolnikov.

I miss reading Fyodor. Sighs. Hope to finish that Fyodor fiction soon, among other pending shit that remains pending. Oh, the eerie, fanatic, Nazi line?

Essentially, Nazism is an act of morality, a purging of corrupted humanity, to dress him anew.
and the conclusive paragraphs making sense, preaching, justifying stuff?

It has been said that every man is born an Aristotelian or a Platonist. This is the same as saying that every abstract contention has its counterpart in the polemics of Aristotle or Plato; across the centuries and latitudes, the names, faces and dialects change but not the eternal antagonists. The history of nations also registers a secret continuity. Arminius, when he cut down the legions of Varus in a marsh, did not realize that he was a precursor of the German Empire; Luther, translator of the Bible, could not suspect that his goal was to forge a people destined to destroy the Bible for all time; Christoph zur Linde, killed by a Russian bullet in 1758, was in some way preparing the victories of 1914; Hitler believed he was fighting for a nation but he fought for all, even for those which he detested and attacked. It matters not that his I was ignorant of this fact; his blood and his will were aware of it. The world was dying of Judaism and from that sickness of Judaism, the faith of Jesus; we taught it violence and the faith of the sword. That sword is slaying us, and we are comparable to the wizard who fashioned a labyrinth and was then doomed to wander in it to the end of his days; or to David, who, judging an unknown man, condemns him to death, only to hear the revelation: You are that man. Many things will have to be destroyed in order to construct the New Order; now we know that Germany also was one of those things. We have given more than our lives, we have sacrificed the destiny of our beloved Fatherland. Let others curse and weep; I rejoice in the fact that our destiny completes its circle and is perfect.

An inexorable epoch is spreading over the world. We forged it, we who are already its victim. What matters if England is the hammer and we the anvil, so long as violence reigns and not servile Christian timidity? If victory and injustice and happiness are not for Germany, let them be for other nations. Let Heaven exist, even though our dwelling place is Hell.

I look at myself in the mirror to discover who I am, to discern how I will act in a few hours, when I am face to face with death. My flesh may be afraid; I am not.

:L may mga fiction etong si borges na parang quotable ang buo, as in, yung buo. nakakainis. tas next stop, barthelme naman! hay. sana makasulat! ktnxbye. PS! osiya, eto, links, generous ako, eh! [links!] [links!] [critique!] [fave!]

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Starting the End [ii]

--to phrase phrases as
matters that matter, an art
of murder as cold

as cold treatment, these
silent toxins silence all
poets professing

how thankless thankless
jobs feel, how cruel the cruel world
kills, how elysian--

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Starting the End [i]

--warmth's warmer amid
voiceless estrangement with cold
shoulder blades clipping

wings that once fluttered
in rhythmic progression with
other wings flocking

together against
frozen blood-lust turning fire
to ice blocks that feel--

Friday, September 9, 2011

Semi-Collected Meditations x Vandalisms x Regurgitations Cover [Study]

Game plan: Planning some sort of a, say, coffeetable zine [though it seems to sound like piss, if not like sheer bullshit]. Declaring such a plan this early to somehow gauge whatever needs to be gauged, though I am planning to release Semi-Collected Meditations x Vandalisms x Regurgitations: an incomplete portfolio x portable gallery x curriculum vitae as a downloadable pdf file, though I might print a few copies--about 10, or so, depending on the feedback and/or the demand, but I honestly doubt any demand, as this is not really something that would contribute anything to your life, so the softcopy shall be as free as the air you breathe (yes, I am onto the hypothesis that the previous zines, to some extent, added something substantial to your life. Even a bit, I hope.)

Initial Conception: Assuming that you are not here by accident and that you are interested in something I have to say (Yes, never shared a link to this blog entry as once again, I am declaring SNS hiatus, as I feel like *some text missing*), I'd like to share something about this cover / version. I have initially printed three copies, containing whatever I can include. As you can see, the first three copies are specially prepared for the founding of MakiSining: The Makiling Art Group in Laguna (Hey, we / they are having a show / some sort of soft opening daw sabi ni Marvin Oloris this Tuesday at Paciano's house in LB. This is a part of the Bañamos celebration. Wouldn't be able to drop by, though. Still in the process of adjusting and juggling identities and time and space. Anyway, by invitation itong opening, due to space constraints, but the show runs til the 17th! Habang parenthetical remark!). I was invited by Marv to be a founding member, and I joined and since I don't have a clearbook, and since I guess I was the only komix peep in the group, I opted to submit a saddlestitched zine as portfolio and cv.

Purpose, or lack therof: Sounding like a dick by planning on releasing such a zine, I might appear like someone claiming I am someone and I am somewhere already. No, I am not. Please do take this step, or thought, or plug, or attempt at doing a "collection" or some kind of portable museum as mere, uhm, trip or just for the sake of archiving what I have done, or what I deemed to have done. This particular zine is, I think, just some sort of celebration over the hallucination that somehow I have been productive. This is more of an attempt to convince myself that I have been doing something than an attempt to convince other people that I am prolific. Plus, maybe, this is my way of thanking whatever support I assumed I had. And maybe a way to make up for those un-printed stickers for Ang Sandatahang Banga komix, as I am having a hard time finding a place to print those--besides finding the time to print the illustrated narratives themselves. Sold at least sixty copies last week, by the way. My sincerest thanks. Ngayon ko lang na-monitor ang sales. Had no idea re: data of sold copies of the previous titles.

Abangan na lang po itong balak na zine, kung nais. Kung ayaw, ediwag.

Ending this post by extending all the gratitude I could extend. For international solidarity with Chile, Tilde. (A lame effort to attention-whore. Yes, fangurling hasn't ended yet. And I feel like I am being hated for it. Paranoia strikes like fuck. Anyway, sorry if this bothers you. Thanks again for dropping by.)

Monday, September 5, 2011

CarcositeNewsNet: September Jumpstart

This is not really mock news. All of these happened. Or, I think it has. Being spontaneous, this is also something of a, say, machine gun post, as you would notice a lot of fillers, as if I am conversing with you. This is really nothing but an update that would probably not be of any help to your life. If you still want to read on, then, I'm game if you're game--

Ended the 31-day writing challenge of August with a fanfiction featuring a lost Spider Jerusalem wandering Metro Manila and writing about Professor Charles Xavier, King Mob / Gideon Stargrave and Lex Luthor. [read it here]

Started September printing Ang Sandatahang Banga komix. [details]

Sold the komix around elbi, then travelled the day after back home, then, to Quezon City, then, to Makati for the book launch, and some kinda underground komix transactions during the book launch, as if doing a counterculture against-the-flow thing, as komix and poetry seems like strangers to each other, coming from different worlds, in terms of recognition of literariness and mass production--though I think this notion is being crumbled one step at a time by local komix artists and writers, anyway, I did end up selling komix inside ayala museum, which feels, I don't know, it felt good. (And another memory flashed before my very eyes. Twas the Conference of Philippine Center of International PEN, and there I was leafing through a book, which was not just any other book--a photocopied book, ie, a reading for eng103 (critical writing class): Jessica Zafra's Twisted 7 [?], which we are to dissect, to criticize, and I did. It's like watching pirated DVD on some sort of a gadget that plays pirated DVDs--inside a movie house.) Para kang nagvavandal without actually-- Enough explaining. Hope you dig how I felt. Hehe. Anway, here's the [link] to the event, and here's the program, as lifted from the link:

Live music from

Bienvenido Lumbera (National Artist for Literature)
Gemino H. Abad
Pete Lacaba
Teo T. Antonio
Ronaldo Carcamo
Ronan B. Capinding
Marra PL Lanot
Benilda Santos
Rebecca T. Anonuevo
Bebang W. Siy
Andrea B. Teran
Eliza Victoria

With the special participation of:
Ornussa Cadness
Mercedes Cabral
Shawn Yao
Gee Canlas
Jean Garcia
Roselle Monteverde
Brian Tenorio
Rox Puno
Nelson Canlas

Hosted by Sue Prado & Dakila Cutab

Free Admission.

UNDER THE STORM is a compilation of 150 poems from an eclectic mix of 150 Filipino poets: from the renowned and the known to the upcoming and the knowable. It surveys the landscape, explores the topography of the phenomenal, social, and lingual developments in contemporary Philippine Poetry. This is not simply a gathering of the intelligent. It is a harvesting of works by the willing and the devoted to the labor of crafting, the human turn, and the myriad possibilities of language (Edited by Khavn dela Cruz and Joel Toledo):

Abad. Abad. Abad. Abola. Abueg. Acosta. Acuña. Agustin. Aldaba. Alitaptap. Alma. Almero. Fojas-Almirante. Alonte. Alvarez. Alvarez. Ancheta. Angeles. Añonuevo. Añonuevo. Antonio. Aranal. Arguelles. Aquino. Azada. Bajarias. Balota. Baquiran. Barrios. Basmayor. Borlongan. Buenviaje. Cabato. Capili. Capinding. Carcamo. Carnice. Casaje. Casocot. Castro. Chancoco. Ching. Cimatu. Co. Cordero. Coroza. Cortez. Cui. Cutab. Dalisay. Damasing. Daoana. De Guzman. dela Cruz. De La Cruz. De La Cruz. dela Cruz. De Los Santos. De Mesa. de Paula. de Ungria. De Veyra. del Prado. Despi. Diaz. Diaz. Dimzon. Dollente. Dominguez. Dumdum. Evasco. Fagela. Fernandez. Francia. Gaba. Gamalinda. Garcia. Gervacio. Go. Gubat. Gulle. Gutierrez. Igloria. Imperial. Kilates. Kimpo. Kwan. Lacaba. Katigbak-Lacuesta. Lanot. Lao. Lao. Lazaro. Losaria. Lumbera. Manzano. Marcelo. Maranan. Maranan. Montalban. Nadera. Nicolas-Na. Novicio. Os. Oyzon. Pagliawan. Pagusara. Pandan. Parfan. Pastrana. Piocos. Pinpin. Quibilan. Reyes. Rillo. Rivas. Rodriguez-Tomlinson. Rosal. Rubino. Rueda. Sabilano. Saguid. Salud. Samar. San Diego. Santos. Serquiña. Sevilla-Simon. Sillada. Siy. Sulat. Sunico. Tablazon. Taguilaso. Teodoro. Teran. Torralba. Torre. Torres. Tuvilla. Umil. Urquico. Valencia. Valles. Vega. Victoria. Villafania. Villas. Yandug. Yuson.

Book Design by Piya Constantino | Cover Art by W Don Flores | 4th .MOV International Film, Music, & Literature Festival | September 1 to 6, 2011 | The Podium, Ayala Museum, Greenbelt 3 Park, & UP Film Center | www.movfest.org

Got my complimentary copy of the anthology, and happened to meet Paper Monster Press peeps. Complimentary copies of two new books, olde fellows and friends and new acquaintances, four destination points in a day, for someone who isn't fond of going out and who is kind of a stranger to the norms of social gatherings. That friday was something. Whether that was positive or negative, I would not know, but I know it felt good and I felt alive.

Watched Philippine Educational Theatre Association's WILLIAM the following day. [link] (For friends who may be waiting for the complimentary tickets, thanks to the HU ART DAW Shakespeare icon contest, please do wait for my message. Used the first five tickets for, haha, my family, as this is the first time I've, what's the term, "treated [?]" them. The tickets may be used til July 2012, I think. Anyway--)

The rap musical was kinda nice, even for someone like myself who has just watched (and somehow found entertainment in) fliptop last month and has no appreciation for hiphop, for reasons that aren't really reasons, maybe because of sheer preference BUT I think WILLIAM broke a lot of legs. As reviews have said, it was a new way of looking at Shakespeare. However, though it may sound like asking for too much from a rap musical intended for the general audience (andaming high school students), I kind of expected more, because the first play I've watched in PETA was Bertolt Brecht's THE THREEPENNY OPERA--something I've enjoyed a lot (and coincidentally, my "poem" for UNDER THE STORM anthology is an "erasure" of the Notes to The Threepenny Opera part of my copy of THE THREEPENNY OPERA).

In terms of content, I've waited for lines saying, or rather, implying, how fucked up the education system is, being colonial, commercialized and fascist--though yes, maybe, it had something to do with the expected audience being young but a brief "sigh" re: the colonial and/or commercialized characteristic would have been nice--or there was such and I was not paying attention. To cut short and to temporarily end (I'm quite unsure when the temporary end ends!) this mini-review, let me say that the, what was that called, "directorial concept," of both plays I've seen in PETA never failed to entertain, to inform, and to inquire. I think THREEPENNY's use of the padyak (the bicycle with a sidecar) and WILLIAM's use of the bangko (stool) worked very well, as it was executed very well. Would like to thank PETA for being accommodating. Twas nice that the compli tickets are VIP seats. Ended this day signing the conforme re: the said contest, eating somewhere, and going home with a satisfied appetite--not just because of good food, but because of the production.

Then, Sunday strikes with a storm amidst the relatively sunny (fuck yeah, twas really sunday!) day. What a way to end this blast with a cynical blast because of realizations I should have realized and I should have accepted. Things I can't talk about. Yak. Drama. Anyway, off to wherever. Something is gonna start soon. A lot still needs to be done. And to end with optimism, good thing that Monday brought good news. The Quarterly Bathroom Companion Comics Compendium was nominated for best cover [link] and for grassroot award [link], at the KOMIKON 2011 awards. Lifted this image from the link:

You may search the carcosite for the colored version of my QBCCC entry 5-minute matrescapist in reverse - 5MMiRV [You may start "reading" it here]. Collaborative komix w Alyza Taguilaso, Fragments in Which We Are-- [You may peek here] shall be in QBCCC #2, which shall be available at the next Komikon. QBCCC is edited by Josel Nicolas, DJ Legaspi and Mervin Malonzo (who made the cover for QBCCC#1).

For international solidarity with Chile, Tilde. (A lame effort to attention-whore. Yes, fangurling hasn't ended yet. Sorry if it bothers you. Thanks for dropping by.)

Some other streets within the City as of

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