Monday, September 5, 2011

CarcositeNewsNet: September Jumpstart

This is not really mock news. All of these happened. Or, I think it has. Being spontaneous, this is also something of a, say, machine gun post, as you would notice a lot of fillers, as if I am conversing with you. This is really nothing but an update that would probably not be of any help to your life. If you still want to read on, then, I'm game if you're game--

Ended the 31-day writing challenge of August with a fanfiction featuring a lost Spider Jerusalem wandering Metro Manila and writing about Professor Charles Xavier, King Mob / Gideon Stargrave and Lex Luthor. [read it here]

Started September printing Ang Sandatahang Banga komix. [details]

Sold the komix around elbi, then travelled the day after back home, then, to Quezon City, then, to Makati for the book launch, and some kinda underground komix transactions during the book launch, as if doing a counterculture against-the-flow thing, as komix and poetry seems like strangers to each other, coming from different worlds, in terms of recognition of literariness and mass production--though I think this notion is being crumbled one step at a time by local komix artists and writers, anyway, I did end up selling komix inside ayala museum, which feels, I don't know, it felt good. (And another memory flashed before my very eyes. Twas the Conference of Philippine Center of International PEN, and there I was leafing through a book, which was not just any other book--a photocopied book, ie, a reading for eng103 (critical writing class): Jessica Zafra's Twisted 7 [?], which we are to dissect, to criticize, and I did. It's like watching pirated DVD on some sort of a gadget that plays pirated DVDs--inside a movie house.) Para kang nagvavandal without actually-- Enough explaining. Hope you dig how I felt. Hehe. Anway, here's the [link] to the event, and here's the program, as lifted from the link:

Live music from

Bienvenido Lumbera (National Artist for Literature)
Gemino H. Abad
Pete Lacaba
Teo T. Antonio
Ronaldo Carcamo
Ronan B. Capinding
Marra PL Lanot
Benilda Santos
Rebecca T. Anonuevo
Bebang W. Siy
Andrea B. Teran
Eliza Victoria

With the special participation of:
Ornussa Cadness
Mercedes Cabral
Shawn Yao
Gee Canlas
Jean Garcia
Roselle Monteverde
Brian Tenorio
Rox Puno
Nelson Canlas

Hosted by Sue Prado & Dakila Cutab

Free Admission.

UNDER THE STORM is a compilation of 150 poems from an eclectic mix of 150 Filipino poets: from the renowned and the known to the upcoming and the knowable. It surveys the landscape, explores the topography of the phenomenal, social, and lingual developments in contemporary Philippine Poetry. This is not simply a gathering of the intelligent. It is a harvesting of works by the willing and the devoted to the labor of crafting, the human turn, and the myriad possibilities of language (Edited by Khavn dela Cruz and Joel Toledo):

Abad. Abad. Abad. Abola. Abueg. Acosta. Acuña. Agustin. Aldaba. Alitaptap. Alma. Almero. Fojas-Almirante. Alonte. Alvarez. Alvarez. Ancheta. Angeles. Añonuevo. Añonuevo. Antonio. Aranal. Arguelles. Aquino. Azada. Bajarias. Balota. Baquiran. Barrios. Basmayor. Borlongan. Buenviaje. Cabato. Capili. Capinding. Carcamo. Carnice. Casaje. Casocot. Castro. Chancoco. Ching. Cimatu. Co. Cordero. Coroza. Cortez. Cui. Cutab. Dalisay. Damasing. Daoana. De Guzman. dela Cruz. De La Cruz. De La Cruz. dela Cruz. De Los Santos. De Mesa. de Paula. de Ungria. De Veyra. del Prado. Despi. Diaz. Diaz. Dimzon. Dollente. Dominguez. Dumdum. Evasco. Fagela. Fernandez. Francia. Gaba. Gamalinda. Garcia. Gervacio. Go. Gubat. Gulle. Gutierrez. Igloria. Imperial. Kilates. Kimpo. Kwan. Lacaba. Katigbak-Lacuesta. Lanot. Lao. Lao. Lazaro. Losaria. Lumbera. Manzano. Marcelo. Maranan. Maranan. Montalban. Nadera. Nicolas-Na. Novicio. Os. Oyzon. Pagliawan. Pagusara. Pandan. Parfan. Pastrana. Piocos. Pinpin. Quibilan. Reyes. Rillo. Rivas. Rodriguez-Tomlinson. Rosal. Rubino. Rueda. Sabilano. Saguid. Salud. Samar. San Diego. Santos. Serquiña. Sevilla-Simon. Sillada. Siy. Sulat. Sunico. Tablazon. Taguilaso. Teodoro. Teran. Torralba. Torre. Torres. Tuvilla. Umil. Urquico. Valencia. Valles. Vega. Victoria. Villafania. Villas. Yandug. Yuson.

Book Design by Piya Constantino | Cover Art by W Don Flores | 4th .MOV International Film, Music, & Literature Festival | September 1 to 6, 2011 | The Podium, Ayala Museum, Greenbelt 3 Park, & UP Film Center |

Got my complimentary copy of the anthology, and happened to meet Paper Monster Press peeps. Complimentary copies of two new books, olde fellows and friends and new acquaintances, four destination points in a day, for someone who isn't fond of going out and who is kind of a stranger to the norms of social gatherings. That friday was something. Whether that was positive or negative, I would not know, but I know it felt good and I felt alive.

Watched Philippine Educational Theatre Association's WILLIAM the following day. [link] (For friends who may be waiting for the complimentary tickets, thanks to the HU ART DAW Shakespeare icon contest, please do wait for my message. Used the first five tickets for, haha, my family, as this is the first time I've, what's the term, "treated [?]" them. The tickets may be used til July 2012, I think. Anyway--)

The rap musical was kinda nice, even for someone like myself who has just watched (and somehow found entertainment in) fliptop last month and has no appreciation for hiphop, for reasons that aren't really reasons, maybe because of sheer preference BUT I think WILLIAM broke a lot of legs. As reviews have said, it was a new way of looking at Shakespeare. However, though it may sound like asking for too much from a rap musical intended for the general audience (andaming high school students), I kind of expected more, because the first play I've watched in PETA was Bertolt Brecht's THE THREEPENNY OPERA--something I've enjoyed a lot (and coincidentally, my "poem" for UNDER THE STORM anthology is an "erasure" of the Notes to The Threepenny Opera part of my copy of THE THREEPENNY OPERA).

In terms of content, I've waited for lines saying, or rather, implying, how fucked up the education system is, being colonial, commercialized and fascist--though yes, maybe, it had something to do with the expected audience being young but a brief "sigh" re: the colonial and/or commercialized characteristic would have been nice--or there was such and I was not paying attention. To cut short and to temporarily end (I'm quite unsure when the temporary end ends!) this mini-review, let me say that the, what was that called, "directorial concept," of both plays I've seen in PETA never failed to entertain, to inform, and to inquire. I think THREEPENNY's use of the padyak (the bicycle with a sidecar) and WILLIAM's use of the bangko (stool) worked very well, as it was executed very well. Would like to thank PETA for being accommodating. Twas nice that the compli tickets are VIP seats. Ended this day signing the conforme re: the said contest, eating somewhere, and going home with a satisfied appetite--not just because of good food, but because of the production.

Then, Sunday strikes with a storm amidst the relatively sunny (fuck yeah, twas really sunday!) day. What a way to end this blast with a cynical blast because of realizations I should have realized and I should have accepted. Things I can't talk about. Yak. Drama. Anyway, off to wherever. Something is gonna start soon. A lot still needs to be done. And to end with optimism, good thing that Monday brought good news. The Quarterly Bathroom Companion Comics Compendium was nominated for best cover [link] and for grassroot award [link], at the KOMIKON 2011 awards. Lifted this image from the link:

You may search the carcosite for the colored version of my QBCCC entry 5-minute matrescapist in reverse - 5MMiRV [You may start "reading" it here]. Collaborative komix w Alyza Taguilaso, Fragments in Which We Are-- [You may peek here] shall be in QBCCC #2, which shall be available at the next Komikon. QBCCC is edited by Josel Nicolas, DJ Legaspi and Mervin Malonzo (who made the cover for QBCCC#1).

For international solidarity with Chile, Tilde. (A lame effort to attention-whore. Yes, fangurling hasn't ended yet. Sorry if it bothers you. Thanks for dropping by.)

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