Sunday, September 25, 2011

M is for Movement

a rough draft like everything else in this blog.

i. In the acronym MOOE, M is for "Maintenance." In the case of Malacanang, Valte in particular, M is for "Morons who should have focused on trying to consult google and researched first what M in MOOE means before even telling the militant students (who are aware that M in MOOE is not 'Miscellaneous') to focus on their studies." M is for

Meaning, or for Multiplicity of Meaning, or for Masquerade of Meaning, through arithmetic magic among other methods of fabricating information.

M is for the "massacre of the people" care of the machination of Malacanang to deny access to basic social services and even deny access to life by issuing execution orders, the malversation of anything that can be misappropriated in the name of maintaining order, the misdeed of manufacturing lies such as nominal---never substantial--increase in the budget for education and other social services such as

the medical care that does not really care as the generous government is so generous that it is willing to spend a peso (which cannot even purchase a chewing gum that one may, well, chew, while waiting in line for check-up) for each of the citizens, M is for murder, metaphorical, brutal, spiritual, legal, physical, transcendental, emotional, even literal murder that is the punishment for those

M's being "militants marching to Mendiola" (include different metaphorical mendiolas, as well), the masses who know the constitution more than lawmakers who only know how to manipulate the laws for their private interests. M is for martyrs, victims of killings and enforced disappearances, metonyms of mobilizations as monumental fractions of the Revolution. M is for the Movement against another M that is this Machine that shall be

dismantled at all costs and be rebuilt as another Machine and perhaps be dismantled again and be rebuilt and be dismantled a couple of times depending on the metastability of the system and its material conditions and its multi-cultural/-sectoral considerations which may include M being maroons from the University and maroons from other universities and maroons of the Philippine society living their lives like the maroon people who are marooned, ie, left, abandoned by the state that cares for nothing but

M's being Malls (yes, protect the malls, the private properties of the propertied, and kill the people struggling for a better world, the public): the manifestation of the market, the monetary, the motive for profit that reduces everything into another M being mediocrity--forget the quality of life, forget human dignity, forget everything for the sake of money while claiming that that monopoly is for the sake of the majority, for the sake of societal stability. M is for the messianic complex, the chronic disorder of the ruling elite--those megalomaniacs masquerading their decision-making as a necessary sacrifice that has to be made for the salvation of the humanity--that propagates and infects the middle class into

subscribing to the template of changing the world by earning a degree then running for office then initiating change: something which is only possible if you can pay for your education, secure a political clan and be so divine as to be immune to the operating system's filth--though there are, of course, exceptions. M is for the model or life cycle that they shove up our throats: be born, be raised by a family, be educated, be employed and work til you die without angering the dysfunctional system that nurtured you into the mechanical being that you are, into the mechasapien that maintains this Machine that attempts to confine

the aforementioned M among other aforementioned M's, being any Movement that attempts to humanize the mechanized, ie, the alienated, the estranged; that attempts to re/program compassion into hearts of cold steel; that attempts to make the desensitized sensitive again. (M is for the margin that divides an attempted sociopolitical commentary being this first part from the the next part, which shall be more of a brief offtangent personal reflection or rather a confession that shall inevitably reek of preferences that might not be of interest to any of you. This parenthetical remark is that aforementioned margin serving as another M being a monition that suggests you stop reading from this point.)

ii. As admission of being human, and neither a god nor a beast nor a machine, and as an attempt of getting things off my chest in compliance with Che Guevarra's quote that I'd rather not quote any longer, and as both the foundation of physics and the foundation of the societal order are consistently being challenged and threatened into obsolescence, I dare say

that this time, M is neither for the love of Maynard James Keenan and Milla Jovovich nor for the love of the music of Massive Attack, Meshuggah, My Dying Bride, Mars Volta among other M's but for the mission of stirring an intrigue by declaring that the problem that needs to be solved is the variable M raised to two.

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