Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spectacles [iii]

Everything might be a work of fiction. This is fiction.

It has been a long while since then. It seems like things are not working. Or things are not yet working. Or things are, well, things that we need to rework if we want things to work. Or maybe, you don't see the things I see. "To see someone who does not see is the best way to be intensely aware of what he does not see," whispers Roland Barthes as I take it in another context. Or, maybe, I don't see the things you see. Wordweb on the other hand tells me that a pair of spectacles is an "optical instrument consisting of a frame that holds a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision." We are a pair of a pair of spectacles (or that's how it appears to me) who may both be the other and the someone, who sees the other as the one who does not see, thus aware as well of what the other does not see and maybe we have to correct our defective vision. How can we do so, you ask?

I am also quite unsure of the process, but I think, for the sake of my self and my sanity and the preservation of the space I occupy in this plane of existence, we have to settle things--this is not about you and your good. Or, I have to make a point and tell you that there is a possibility that we may be seeing through different lenses in aspects such as the tint, the coating, the thickness, the type, and such. The problem is, I do not know how to tell you about how I see things and I do not know what you know about how things are and I do not know whether telling you is really an appropriate thing to do at this moment when things are not the way they should be. At least for me. Each time I look at your record, I see something that cracks not my specs but my os frontale. And, not to mention, my spirit. And core.

Now you'll further know. You should. Connect the dots. As you say: Sad.

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