Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sa mga Mag-aaral ng Kagawaran... (Brecht)

burador, syempre. btw, full version ng [ipinost] na trojan horse, keep out cartoon e uploaded na sa bulatlat (dot) com: [link]. takits bukas. ika nga ni john lennon, diba, a working class hero is something to be.

Sa mga Mag-aaral ng Kagawaran ng mga Manggagawa at Magsasaka
malayang salin ni Tilde Acuña ng tula ni Bertolt Brecht

Kaya nakaupo ka riyan. At gaano karaming dugo ang dumanak
Upang maari kang umupo riyan. Nababato ka ba sa ganitong mga kwento?
Mabuti pa, huwag mong kalimutang may ibang naunang umupo sa iyo
na di-nagtagal ay umupo sa mga tao. Manatiling taas-noo!
Walang kabuluhan ang iyong agham, makikita mo
At baog ang karunungan, kapag nakakahalina
Kung hindi mo ilalagak ang talino sa pakikibaka
Laban sa lahat ng kaaway ng sangkatauhan.
Huwag kalimutang nasaktan ang mga taong tulad mo
Upang maari kang umupo riyan, at hindi ang kabilang pangkat.
At huwag mong itikom ang mga mata, at huwag tumakas
Pero matutong matuto, at tangkaing matuto para sa alin.

Monday, April 29, 2013

trojan horses, keep out!

cropped version muna habang hindi pa uploaded ang full version. naririto ang [balita]. adbans apir sa araw ng paggawa. takits sa lansangan sa labor day, mayo uno, tara go.

Friday, April 26, 2013

the iyas antho launch

and it has been three years since the workshop. i'd like to believe i've inevitably changed a lot, like the times constantly a-changin' as bob dylan sings to the ends of time and space. [blog entry] about the 10th iyas creative writing workshop is almost three years old. Had lunch with co-fellow S yesterday wednesday and hope to have dinner w L tomorrow later. time lag. watever that means. anyway. i still wish i could travel to that particular point in my time-space quasi-reality, else fly to bacolod when the light breaks the night sky; i'd have to cut the crap of nostalgia tripping here and append the invite:

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beyond the Bark: Reexamining our Roots

(since the university of the philippines system website seems to be under some sorta state of recovery [tho the issuu account is well and healthy, i guess], i am sharing my article [may kaunting edit lang sa notes] as published in the july-august issue of u.p. forum. in commemoration of macliing dulag, here it is.)

There is a thin line—a letter—between “indigene” and “indigence.” Though their meanings and their Latin roots differ—the former from indigena1 and the latter from indigentia2—both describe indigenous peoples (IPs). In an interview, Dr. Nestor Castro, UP Department of Anthropology chair, quoted Conrad Kottak3 and said that IPs refer to “the original inhabitants or particular territories; often the descendants of tribespeople who live on as culturally distinct colonized peoples, many of whom aspire political autonomy.”

Their right to self-determination, however,  will not be served on a silver platter, more so, a golden one. Despite being guardians of domains blessed with gold, the indigene’s wealth is being looted, making them indigent. No matter how the “civilized” and the “outsiders” romanticize IPs as “rich in culture,” IPs live impoverished lives because of eco-political “developments” that are rather destructive to than cooperative with the environment. Though sources differ regarding Philippines’s ranking4 in terms of gold deposits, our country’s being gold-rich is reflected in folk epics, as bulawan (gold) and is often attributed to matters considered good—which shall not be mistaken as materialistic in the capitalist sense.5

Beyond the indigene’s identities are their communities—their stories, cultures and economies. But because of the images that dominant faction of the “civilized” paint, the IPs and their way of life are misunderstood; or worse, reduced as objects fit for museums and coffeetable books. Instead of heeding the call of the tabusaw6, most of us fall for the myths of how fantastic “developments” are authored by owners and operators of giant machines that excavate mines and construct dams—and displace IP communities.

Friday, April 19, 2013

cover cover: the division bell, r.i.p storm thorgerson

here's a visual cover version of the album cover of pink floyd's the division bell, whatever the fvck visual cover version of album cover means, let us just keep talking.

rest in peace storm thorgerson. (i'll update this post w album covers he did. i'll update this post at the soonest time possible, append covers after the cut)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

uhm, five inquiries? [ii]

see five inquiries [i] [here]. commencing unsolicited progress report, plugging. see bulatlat dot com's fresh new look [here], the salungguhit tab [here], five glimpses appended herein. unrelated link to free komix collection [here]. end of message.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

isip at puso (bukowski)

burador. pangounterattack sa anxiety attack.

isip at puso
sobrang layang salin ni tilde acuña
ng tula ni charles bukowski

Friday, April 12, 2013

Mala-Rousseau (Baraka)

burador, as usual. parang ikaw. parang tayo. jokbye may skirmish pa bukas wag nang puro shit at maghanda, else magrelaks at malalampasan din at matatalo o mananalo lang naman

sobrang layang salin ni tilde acuña
ng tula ni amiri baraka

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kasaysayang Lihim (Simic)

burador. pakyu ol.

Kasaysayang Lihim
sobrang layang salin ni tilde acuña
ng tula ni charles simic

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ang Pagpapatiwakal (Borges)

burador. palagi. daming shit ni borges.

Ang Pagpapatiwakal
malayang salin ni Tilde Acuña
ng salin ni A.S. Kline
ng tula ni Jorge Luis Borges

Some other streets within the City as of

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