Thursday, May 10, 2012

miclat's and jacinto's Cartilla

today, i am fortunate enough to score a poetry collection for thirty bucks. today marks the 115th death anniversary of the supremo, andres bonifacio. and today, which is not really the greatest day, but to some extent, it is, because of finding things i am not really looking for, i shall nevertheless share a poem from maningning miclat's book of verses, voice from the underworld. [oops, a kinda delayed commercial break: drawing bangungot (nightmare) was published at the philippine literary folio.]
Cartilla by Maningning Miclat
The Cartilla of Emilio Jacinto
is written for the people,
a group of people in one brotherhood
a century ago.
To reveal the teachings they had
is to spread the sunlight of freedom
Bathed in brightness of truth,
their brotherhood continues:
A meaningless existence
is like a tree that cannot provide shade.
Nobility lies in good intentions
of every deed, word and action.
A companion in life is precious.
If trust is betrayed, feelings fade.
Like the time that passes,
What passes by, passes away.
Be cautious with words,
do not reveal what must be kept in silence.
For one who has a sense of shame,
every word is an oath to keep.
An honorable person cannot be abused
and will not side with the oppressors.
An honorable person is sensitive
to the needs of one's native land.
Everybody is equal.
Some may be prettier, smarter or wealthier,
But one's being can never be
superior to another one's worth.
The Cartilla written by Emilio Jacinto,
teachings for the Katipuneros,
in the darkness of obscurantism,
the soldiers defended the light of truth.

btw, the copy i acquired contained versions in filipino and chinese, too. i wonder how maningning miclat would react to the scarborough shoal strife and all related shenanigans of the chinese owning the philippines, etc, etc. before further going off-tangent, as this post shall be as brief as possible, let me end with the Kartilya. image and text from kartilyaonline.
Ang Kartilya ng Katipunan
*A life that is not dedicated to a noble cause is like a tree without a shade or a poisonous weed.
*A deed lacks nobility if it is motivated by self-interest and not by a sincere desire to help.
*True piety consists of being charitable, loving one’s fellow men, and being judicious in behavior, speech and deed.
*All persons are equal, regardless of the color of their skin. While one could have more schooling, wealth, or beauty than another, all that does not make one more human than anybody else.
*A person with a noble character values honor above self-interest, while a person with a base character values self-interest above honor.
*To a person of honor, his/her word is a pledge.
*Don’t waste time; lost wealth can be retrieved, but time lost is lost forever.
*Defend the oppressed and fight the oppressor.
*The wise person is careful in all he/she has to say and is discreet about things that need to be kept secret./ *An intelligent man is he who is cautious in speech and knows how to keep the secrets that must be guarded.
*In the thorny path of life, the man leads the way and his wife and children follow. If the leader goes the way to perdition, so do the followers. (Note: This begins with an observation of the vertical relationship of husband and wife during the time of the Katipunan; now, we can say that the parents lead the way and the children follow.)
*Never regard a woman as an object for you to trifle with; rather you should consider her as a partner and helpmate. Give proper consideration to a woman’s frailty and never forget that your own mother, who brought you forth and nurtured you from infancy, is herself such a person.
*Don’t do to the wife, children, brothers, and sisters of others what you do not want done to your wife, children, brothers, and sisters.
*A man’s worth is not measured by his station in life, neither by the height of his nose nor the fairness of skin, and certainly not by whether he is a priest claiming to be God’s deputy. Even if he a tribesman from the hills and speaks only his tongue, a man has fine perceptions and is loyal to his native land.
*When these teachings shall have been propagated and the glorious sun of freedom begins to shine on these poor Islands to enlighten a united race and people, then all the lives lost, all the struggle and the sacrifices will not have been in vain.

[read "on philippine sovereignty, u.s and china" by nato reyes [here].


  1. asan po ba ung cartilla ni emilio jacinto?

    1. hindi ko po tiyak kung nasaang museo. pero naririto po sa entry na ito ang link sa teksto.


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