Thursday, December 20, 2012

soundtracks to the apocalypse (& beyond?)

as i type, i download a personal copy of a hologram self that i am about to obliterate, that is meant to be obliterated before the end or during the first minutes of the beginning; hours ago, i have converted the THURSDAY NEVER LOOKING BACK in epub format into pdf; and had a glimpse of other pieces in the said end of the world antho which included zdzislawed artworks (look for these at the samhain countdown posts way back samhain last year), bangungot, among other artworks, litanya ng matandang ulupong and soliloquy of the olde serpent; glad to find the antho in my email after the tiring day of, yes, commuting, after suffering the stress caused by the season, the traffic, the stress, the hassle caused by the season which isn't even at its peak yet, as i told a good friend (hope you don't mind that i share this) who thought that maybe i am just allergic to other people, something i sorta agree with because i am fed up with all the information, unsolicited ones, irrelevant ones, that clutter my feed, but,

hey, i'm glad that i am tagged by the-bear-has-pants, and i would love to answer the sent chain letter soon, but i have to comment on the eleven-episode documentary "metal evolution" first, fvcking seriously? nickelback? that's just sick, so called post grunge? as? part? of? metal? fvcking sick, man, fvcking creed, smug faced, voice stealing jerk, and at the very moment melissa auf der maur says something, like, metal is for idiots, i kinda agree w her, because, hey, she's melissa auf der maur, i shall listen to hole after surviving 12.21.12, and i would, wtf, after tripping on prog metal, which, by the way, is, what, intellectual metal, esp the math ones, math metal, whatever the fvck that is, adding to rammstein, laibach, apocalyptica, first two industrial the latter cello, i add technical death metal, again, whatever the fvck that is, but i'd rather lump these bands together as prog metal, adding to the three aforementioned prog metal bands mastodon and meshuggah, that is how the soundtrack of this eve shall be, mother of zombie jesus christ,

mastodon's crack the skye, god, so eargasmic and eyegasmic, leaving you with this video, after a coupla random musings like this entire post, leaving you with something you should watch before you die or if you were to live longer, or whenever you decide to, what, choose your poison/s, or combination of poison/s, and before the astral travel x acid trip mastodon video embedded, intended, i believe to be about mortality, let me say that tomorrow, any interested whoever-the-fvck may pre-order "twentiportraits" and "tuldok ng simula," the former being, well, a collection of 24 portraits of people and the latter being, well, a collection of, what, 24 visual transliterations, whatever the fvck those are, think "dalawang ibon: isang huntahan," my qbccc komix, but you can't think of it if you haven't seen it, only 24 copies of each zine shall be printed, if you want one reserved, email me, or leave your contact details in whatever way you deem possible, as i only expect friends or acquaintances to be interested, so, there, die, live, steal kill destroy crack the skye up with a linoleum knife:

p.s. "Liebe ist für alle da - nicht für mich," sings till lindemann. not me.


  1. Funny I made an apocalyptic playlist too but it's more folk & twee & indie & I think it would actually kill you if you listen to it haha- but it wasn't as long as I wanted, so meh.

    But what I rly want to say is: paemail naman ng pdf copy of said World-Ending Antho :)

    Yay, thanks, & congrats on surviving supposed apocalypse.

    1. hey, nakikinig ako minsan ng country-ish, or folksy, or, even triphop, ha, pero not on the eve of the supposed apocalypse. hehe.

      sent the .pdf version (converted from .epub)! pero, ewan ko, nawala yung, ano, links [?], anchor [?] thing, pero readable naman.

      apir at congrats sa atin!


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