Wednesday, June 20, 2012

horror and honor: shameless asuang plug + comics news

some sort of chaotic turbulence, which is not mere winter, is coming. go, hit me with the best fvcking shot you've got, work load, study load, extracurricular load, etc. all for honor and excellence and related bullshit to engage the system and the self. all for the search. god. rants in 3.. 2.. 1..

besides the support of underground scenes, i think, comics in the western hemisphere of this hellhole are well-accepted and well-respected because of, maybe, the sociopolitical engagement of some, if not most, of comics creators. for instance, alan moore has been vocal in his support for the occupy movement [link]. recently, there's another initiative [link] from 'occupy comics' [link]--which includes art spiegelman of maus and ben templesmith of wormwood gentleman corpse.

in relation to these anti-establishment artists is another anti-establishment artist--this time, awarded by the establishment [link]: the queen of england "bestowed the honor of Member of the British Empire (MBE) to Grant Morrison for his work as: Comic Book Writer and Playwright. For services to Film and Literature."

i've no news yet how morrison responded, but had there been any protest of some sort, i think it would have been made known. it shall be remembered that john lennon returned the 'honor' of knighthood because of britain's support of america in the vietnam war, among others [link].

so much for honor and excellence and anarchy [link to university of the philippines thread about UP town center]. next stop: horror plug. the asuang issue of paper monster press includes my poem, "Litanya ng Matandang Ulupong." ending this life update slash unsolicited newsy musings w the rest of the list as copypasted from PMP's page:


A. English Literary

1. The Teratoma by S.E. Salvidge
2. Ode to Maria Ozawa by Mark Alvin Jabrica
3. Welcome to Wonderland by Beatrice Howard
4. Homemade Puree by Xenia Chloe Villanueva
5. Exit Wounds by Joel Toledo
6. A vaccine shot for bad dates by Reya Mari Veloso
7. Alimpungat by Jenni de Leon-Slater
8. Where the cats are always sleepy by F. Jordan Carnice
9. Mummy by Ayn Frances dela Cruz

B. Filipino Literary

1. Itsura ni Macky Serrano Salvador
2. Diacetylmorphine Fl[u]shback ni Michael Alegre
3. Aswang ni Mark Angeles
4. Malikmata ni Francisco Arias Montesena
5. Ang Hula ni Jose Jason Chancoco
6. Litanya ng Matandang Ulopong ni Tilde Acuna
7. Puno ng Duhat ni Jomark Baynado
8. Alay na Villanelle ni Daniw Santiago
9. Aguwada ni Noel Sales Barcelona
10. Kumot ni Jenni de Leon-Slater
11. Kagat ni Lolito Go

C. Music

1. Digmaan ng Anak Dalita
2. Save Slam Dance by Flash Elorde
3. Casket Fields by Lee Lazaro
4. Computing Fever by Kyril Dice
5. Catharsis by Fherrond
6. Aswang by Thomas James Slater
7. End by Neuter Lover
8. Brutal Battalion by Mannequin
9. Swing my Ass to Death by Read our Lines
10. Under the Sun by Civil Love

D. Art (to follow)

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