Tuesday, June 5, 2012

shameless monstrous plug

thank cthulhu. two of my artworks shall appear at the [monsters and the monstrous] journal, published by [the inter-disciplinary press]. here's the september 2010 cover image from their [page].

below is the full list of articles and artworks and other stuff included in the journal's vol.2 num. 1 may 2012 special issue themed [monstrous memory]:

Contents: "Queen Inang Yellow" Tilde Acuna | "Artistic Monstrosities in New Gothic Art: Creating Shock Waves which Help us Find a Lost Sense of Ourselves" Maria Antónia Lima | "Come Hell or High Water" Stephen Morris | "Ziska: Voluptuous Vamp, Sinister Seducer, Dangerous Dame" Curt Herr | "Matchbox" Love Joy Lagrosa Raza | "Female Monsters in Kabyle Myths and Folktales: Their Nature and Functions" Sabrina Zerar | "Becoming the Temptress…" Kristy Crites | "Hungry, Angry Ghosts: A Construction of Female Suicide in Traditional China" Kathy McKay | "First Shadow" Tilde Acuna | " ‘A Contagion Within’: Male Hysteria and Survivor Guilt in Chang-rae Lee’s A Gesture Life " Justine Gieni | "The Heart Wants What It Wants" Evelyn Tsitas | "Buffy’s Dark Descendants: Cultural Memory and the Created Family in Supernatural Teen Dramas" Margo Collins | "Locomonster Memory of Colonial Modernity" Sukhdev Singh and Miranda Das | " ‘This is Something Very Old—or Something Very Very New!: The New ‘Old Vampire’ in Fright Night by Craig Gillespie (2011)" Simon Bacon Book Reviews: "Devil’s Advocates, Let the Right One In" Simon Bacon | "The Urban Fantasy Anthology" Margo Collins | "Monsters in America: Our Historical Obsession with the Hideous and the Haunting" Joe Laycock | "Better Off Dead: The Evolution of the Zombie as Post-Human" Ken Monteith

links for the day include: buzzfeed's 21 leaked photos of before watchmen, an account about a series of stolen artworks, the reading club: love of (sharing) books, free pdf download of free culture e-book, and, of course, something about the transit of venus that thou shall see again on year 2117 [lifted the image from the same url from aljazeera]. [transit of venus news from the guardian]

now, go, pray, do whatever you like. hoping for the safe journey of my monstrous complimentary copy. they are currently accepting submissions for, uhm, twilight studies. go, attack. p.s. check out how 'weird' you, we filipinos are in this thepoc article - "a deconstruction of pinoy quirkiness."

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here's a poem about the transit from an iyas co-fellow:


Transit of Venus by Rg Gumanao [wordpress!]

Somewhere in the wholeness of the sun,
Venus bores a tiny hole, dark and deep.
The transit of venus happens twice
in a hundred and thirty years.

Good things that please humanity always take
longer. The passion of Christ, the people's
war. Love, education, or a revolution
of Venus around the Sun; they need longer time.

If I were God, I'd give Sun a heart to feel
for Venus. I'd give it hands to hold Venus
and lips to ask her to stay.
Man, that is goddess of beauty!

Today is my birthday and also my last
transit of Venus for this lifetime. I ask
God to give me a heart that feels, hands that
hold and lips that asks someone to stay

before she bores a tiny hole, dark and deep
within. The Sun can burn for another century
and thirty years because it has no heart.
Twenty-one years for a human is a long wait.


also, there's an exhibit at kanto gallery about the same transit:

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