Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kiko ex Machina Dreams

I've emailed this to a contest, and I think it is quite obvious what the contest is all about. Hope they received my mail. It is a contest on Facebook where my account is only active when I am online. Just because. Because I am miserable. Kidding. Someone miserable cannot kid.

Anyway, this time, I would not campaign for my entry the way I spammed before (btw, I did not garner the most 'like' votes but the judges, who had 30% of the say, had mercy on me). Actually, I would not tell you to 'like' my entry at all, except in this post. I think one's final score depends on both the likes and the "vote" of Manix.

Another contest is another opportunity, or perhaps drive, to try being productive, as I have been otherwise the previous days. My system feels weaker. Stamina's not the same anymore. Way, way more powerless than before. Holy mother of the gods.

For some, sleep is something they yearn for--those insomniacs, and maybe junkies of all sorts who are having trouble sleeping. For me, sleep is something I'd rather not have. But on the average, I've spent at least six hours of this week's nights asleep--against my will, of course.

But hey, I've been dreaming again--or, maybe I am beginning to remember the dreams I had. Yet, I don't want dreams. I want to stay here. So, I'll try my best to not sleep tonight. It's 11.11.11 in a few.

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