Sunday, July 17, 2011

On Online Contests and 'Like'-ing. And cramming.

It is recommended that you have a facebook account before continuing. And, yes, there are people who opted not to have a facebook account yet happens to surf the net. And, yes, I shall stop stalling and move on and tell my point right away despite the last 24 hours being a tiring and draining and frustrating day that I want to write about but cannot. Anyway!

I felt the urge to write something about 'like'-ing and contests but let me blabber about cramming first. I have joined Phillipine Educational Theatre Association (PETA) 's contest, HU ART DAW?, where you have to submit an icon about-- wait, I shall *copypaste*:

Redesign Shakespeare and Win Cash and Goodies from PETA

For its 44th Theater Season, PETA produces modern, educational and entertaining plays and events that reintroduces Shakespeare and his works.

Help us demystify the Bard--make him less fearsome, easier to understand, and lovable for all. Create a modern icon that will capture PETA’s hip, fun, young and modern interpretation of Shakespeare that will appeal to the youth! PETA produces modern, educational and entertaining plays and events that reintroduces Shakespeare and his works.


Contest participants must create a hip, fun, young and modern Shakespeare icon for Philippine Educational Theater Association’s (PETA), 44th Theater Season. Entries can be hand drawn or digitally made (e.g. Adobe Photoshop). The image must be in .jpg format. File size should not exceed 500kb. Originality is encouraged.

Contestants must pass their electronic artwork via email, to together with the following information:Entrant’s Full Name, Age, Contact Number
All artworks received during the contest duration will be uploaded on July 16 via PETA’s Facebook Page: Peta Tapets

Contest Duration
Contest starts on June 10, 2011.Deadline for submission of entries is on July 15, 2011 at 6:00 P.M. Deadline of voting (via Facebook likes) is on July 30, 2011 at 6:00 P.M. Winners will be announced on August 2, 2011.

Criteria for Judging
30% Popularity measured via Facebook Likes
30% Creativity
40% Originality & Adherance to PETA’s hip, fun, young and modern theme

The winning artwork will become the official icon of PETA’s Shakespeare Season and shall appear in PETA’s posters,flyers, merchandise and other collaterals. The winner will be given: Php 5,000 plus (20) complimentary tickets for PETA’s William and Haring Lear as well as complimentary playbills for both productions.

Winners will be notified by PETA via phone call and public announcement on PETA’s Facebook Page.

Download the full poster here.

Date and Time:
June 10, 2011 - 12:00am - July 15, 2011 - 6:00pm

There. So, I've decided to join since I have nothing better to do w my life. Crammed my way to the contest since I was as jobless then as I am now. Thought that this contest shall pressure me to try colours for a change. And, so, I worked on it on-- forgot the exact date but that was, I think, some fuck of a date near the 15th of June. Because I thought the contest ends June 15, 2011 - 6:00pm, but as you can see, it did not. So, I submitted an artwork before the clock strikes 18:00 on June 15. Unfortunately, it was the crammed version which is now posted as an entry into the contest though I have submitted this version before June 15 ended:

That was, still, a month before the deadline. I don't know where this polished version posted herein ended up. Suspects the SPAM folder. Now, on with the Sunday morning preaching regarding contests and 'like'-ing part. I have never been too happy with people sending me personal messages or posting on my wall or tagging me on their posts and asking for a 'like' or vote for their entry (or their friend's friend's entry or their brother's uncle's mother's classmate's half-brother's entry) into a contest. I have never been too happy with such as I am not too happy with notifications that do not concern me (which is why I am happy with Google+'s mute option, anyway--). A comment on a tag will do, since it does not use my personal wall for advertisement. And, there are other special cases where tagging into something that needs a 'like' is okay. These preferences are, of course, personal. I sometimes fail to have the n/ethics or n/etiquette in certain occasions since I am not really that familiar with social norms--

social norms concerning online contests--with number of likes as grounds whether you are to dance your victory dance whatever the fuck victory dance is--in particular. Well, I think PETA's contest is fair enough since the number of 'likes' only constitute 30% of the overall score. I am just hoping for the other criteria since, as the album shows, some entries do not seem like 'icons' for me. Or, it is, most probably, just me. Just thinking out loud. Again. Apologies for unsolicited er... well, lahat ng ito naman e unsolicited! AND! FINALLY! After all the cluttered sentences, all I am trying to say is you have your options in your life as regards this contest or any other contests:

1) You may 'like' me my entry if a) you are a good friend who shall have a chance of having a one of the twenty complimentary tickets if and only if I win unless you have other friends who may reward you with a ticket that may not make not much of a difference depending on the life you chose to live; b) you really liked my entry; or c) both a & b;

2) You may ignore all of these shit since I plan to tag only a few friends who I assume wouldn't bother reading. If this entry lands on your feed and you felt pissed, you may get on with your life and blame me for having you read this fuck of a blog entry that reeks of a) spontaneities of the urge to write right after a tiring day (I have actually written this at around 3am after a day of sickening travel that came with a diarrhea of cash that left me empty inside, but the internet's just being a motherfucker, just like what it is being now); and b) inconsistencies caused by sleep, or lack, or absence thereof,; (Pero, kung ayaw ninyo, kindly tell me na i-untag kayo, ha. Naks, pa-concerned. Or, pwedeng i-untag ninyo ang inyong self?)

3) You may like my entry but you may not like it enough to click the 'like' button; Or you will like my entry that much that you will even share this post because of your intense liking of my entry;

4) You may 'like' other entries you like but you just have to click on the album and exert more effort since I wouldn't post links to other entries here; and

5) You-- No, the last one is not about you: I would not 'like' my own entry like some desperate people who 'like' their own posts as if approving one's own musings with a narcissistic satisfactory smug that you want to knock off a couple of times. Never. I am just posting this to inform you that I have an entry and you may 'like' it if you, well, like it.

That is all. Thank you. Thaks din sa PETA for the contest na nagdulot ng drive magkulay.

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