Friday, July 1, 2011

#s: 100th Post, 150 Poets, 15th Anniv, 100 Days

If you care to check this out again later, say, before the day ends, so that's 2359, there are supposed to be updates. *JULY26UPDATE: UNDERTHESTORM contents*

It has been a hundred posts ago since I started this this whatever this is I am doing, screaming things across the cyberspace that may or may not matter to strangers or non-strangers. Skeptic ones who care enough to count the entries herein may notice that the number of posts does not amount to a hundred. That is so because I have imported posts from an old blog and 'unpublished' them or saved them as drafts, thus the count, at least in my dashboard, says 100. So, let me, well, celebrate and contribute to the interwebz noise pollution via this post. This shall be a lengthy entry, but it seems like I will have to update this later. *update!* This post shall now be about four things: i.) The Under the Storm Antho; ii.) The Sakbayan anniv; iii) The 100 days of komix meme--do not proceed if you want to wait for the rest of the month before reading the rest of KarMa Kolektib-related trivia; and iv.) Something I am looking forward to.


The Under the Storm Anthology of Contemporary Philippine poetry already listed 150 poets a while ago. However, the post seems unavailable at the moment, so, you may view the initial first, second and third sets here. I will be updating this post as soon as I see the list. I was quite overwhelmed upon reading it hours ago since there are, indeed, a lot of contemporaries, iyas co-fellows, elbi friends, other poet friends and, well, literary figures that already, say, made their respective marks in the local and even international literary scenes. *update!* I've read in the comments section of .MOV's page that the anthology will be in a book format. But, still, no news about where the list has gone. I wonder what came up. *07082011 update* Here is the list! Thank Cthulhu and the Great Olde Ones for this post.

1 Anne Carly Abad
2 Diego Jose Abad
3 Gemino Abad
4 Anina Abola
5 Jose Marte Abueg
6 Ericson Acosta
7 Arbeen Acuña
8 Jim Pascual Agustin
9 Arnold O. Aldaba
10 Kislap Alitaptap
11 Jovsky Almero
12 Tofi Alonte
13 Donato Mejia Alvarez
14 Panch Alvarez
15 Angelo B. Ancheta
16 Mark Angeles
17 Rebecca Anonuevo
18 Roberto Anonuevo
19 Teo Antonio
20 Lystra Aranal
21 Mesandel Virtusio Arguelles
22 Cesar Ruiz Aquino
23 A.M. Azada
24 Amado Bajarias
25 Desiree L. Balota
26 Romulo P. Baquiran, Jr.
27 Joi Barrios
28 Ariel Dim. Borlongan
29 Dave Buenviaje
30 Regine Cabato
31 Jose Wendell P. Capili
32 Ronan B. Capinding
33 Ronaldo Carcamo
34 F. Jordan Carnice
35 Lito Casaje
36 Ian Rosales Casocot
37 Marella Castro
38 Jose Jason L. Chancoco
39 Ayrie Ching
40 Frank Cimatu
41 Mikael de Lara Co
42 Kristian Sendon Cordero
43 Michael M. Coroza
44 Keith Cortez
45 Moises Anthony Cruz
46 Dakila Cutab
47 Lope Cui, Jr.
48 Jose Y. Dalisay, Jr.
49 Carlomar Daoana
50 Ramon Damasing
51 Mes De Guzman
52 Ainne Frances dela Cruz
53 Christa I. De La Cruz
54 Khavn De La Cruz
55 Noelle Leslie dela Cruz
56 Nikki De Los Santos
57 Karl R. De Mesa
58 Iñigo de Paula
59 Ricardo De Ungria
60 Lourd Ernest H. De Veyra
61 Noel del Prado
62 A Despi
63 Glenn Diaz
64 Lav Diaz
65 Alain Russ Dimzon
66 Jan Brandon Dollente
67 Jacob Walse-Dominguez
68 Simeon Dumdum, Jr.
69 Marjorie Evasco
70 Israfel Fagela
71 Bendix M. Fernandez
72 Boni Fojas-Almirante
73 Luis H. Francia
74 Marc Escalona Gaba
75 Eric Gamalinda
76 J. Neil Garcia
77 German Gervacio
78 Lolito Go
79 Eva B. Gubat
80 Ramil Digal Gulle
81 Asterio Enrico Gutierrez
82 Luisa A. Igloria
83 Neal Imperial
84 Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta
85 Marne Kilates
86 Philip Yerro Kimpo, Jr.
87 Jeanilyn Kwan
88 Jose F. Lacaba
89 Marra PL. Lanot
90 Christine V. Lao
91 Gian Lao
92 Sandra Laureano
93 Elaine Lazaro
94 John Francis C. Losaria
95 Bienvenido Lumbera
96 Carlo Angelo V. Marcelo
97 Edgar B. Maranan
98 Luchie Maranan
99 Pia Montalban
100 V.E. Carmelo D. Nadera Jr.
101 Joanna Nicolas-Na
102 Homer B. Novicio
103 Emil Os
104 Voltaire Q. Oyzon
105 Doms Pagliawan
106 Agustin Pagusara
107 R. Torres Pandan
108 Ned Parfan
109 Allan Justo Pastrana
110 Carlos Piocos
111 Axel Pinpin
112 Zosimo Quibilan, Jr.
113 Jun Cruz Reyes
114 Fidel Rillo
115 Virgilio A. Rivas
116 Deedle Rodriguez-Tomlinson
117 Patrick Rosal
118 Darylle Rubino
119 Roger B Rueda
120 Jose Leonardo A. Sabilano
121 Joseph de Luna Saguid
122 Joel Pablo Salud
123 Edgar Calabia Samar
124 Rafael San Diego
125 Benilda Santos
126 Oscar Tantoco Serquina, Jr.
127 Tanya Sevilla-Simon
128 Danny Castillones Sillada
129 Beverly W. Siy
130 Bert Sulat, Jr.
131 Ramon C. Sunico
132 Christian Tablazon
133 Alyza Taguilaso
134 John Iremil E. Teodoro
135 Andrea B. Teran
136 Enrico C. Torralba
137 Ricky Torre
138 Denver Ejem Torres
139 Charles Bonoan Tuvilla
140 Roberto Ofanda Umil
141 RM Urquico
142 Czeriza Shennille Valencia
143 Eric Tinsay Valles
144 Joel Vega
145 Eliza Victoria
146 Santiago Villafania
147 Melissa Villa-Real Basmayor
148 Michael Carlo C. Villas
149 Alfred A. Yuson
150 Arlene J Yandug


Today, we also celebrate the 15th anniversary of Samahan ng Kabataan para sa Bayan--the widest party-alliance of student organizations, the one with the most membership in the University of the Philippines system. Read the statement of a former chairperson here, but you will need to have a facebook account. *update?* no update.


The 100 days of komiks awareness campaign also begins today [details here]. For this month, participants are to post anything--from status messages, links, images, to whatsoever--about their own titles. I would want to post KarMa Kolektib history in the next 30 days. I'll post my list here, for the same reason that I posted the 30day shit music shit challenge shit--for something that is more irrelevant to your life than most posts in this site are, ie, for reminding my self. Anyway, I'll update this from time to time and copypaste whatever is in here to that social networking site, for the sake of tagging and, well, networking. Let this be a personal journey into the komix ...plane. Eh?

001: Kartunista-Manunulat Kolektib (KarMa Kolektib) is the first komix group in UPLB as far as I can remember since there was none of such sort back when I was, well, younger.

002: KarMa Kolektib was founded on December 10, 2006--the same date of the 58th Universal Declaration of Human Rights Day.

003: KarMa Kolektib traces its roots to UPLB Ibarang, a socio-cultural organization of students delving into all art forms--from the visual arts, the literary arts, music, dance, and theater arts.

004: Though KarMa Kolektib limited its scope to the visual and the literary, it has been active as a performance art group lately--mashing up poetry, music, visual arts and sometimes theatrical hysteria, in a performance.

005: KarMa Kolektib staged shadowplays inside and outside the academe, in closed spaces and streets, anywhere as long as there's an OHP projector.

006: The first komix KarMa Kolektib released were those wall komix that comment on socio-political issues. Or as they call them "Komiks Sa Pader" (KSP). KSPs are posted on bulletin boards within the UPLB campus. And, are supposed to be uploaded in virtual Walls.

007: The first wall komix title was "Obobngata," a portmanteau of the names of the supposed characters, Oblette, Oblese, Mariang Banga and Rosetta. It plagued the bulletin boards on 2006.

008: The first zine-type released has a Tom Wolfe-ish title. "Obobngata: Ang mga Batang Pinalaya(s) sa Sinapupunan I: Oblette: Ang Engkwentro sa Palma Bridge." Or, roughly, "The Aborted Kids and their Fun," which is inconsistent with this post.

009: Most outputs of KarMa Kolektib in recent had something to do with my academic requirements. I remember, btw, submitting "the Aborted Kids and their Fun" zine in a class that only requires a short story. How careerist, though such deviance may also cause me trouble. Fortunately, it did not.

010: Even my creative output (the thesis equivalent in our course) was initially driven by komix--by "Obobngata" in particular. Would talk more about this next time.

011: "Little Judith and the Dolls of Gloomshade" was the first komix, wall komix, in english released by KarMa Kolektib. Mandy of the cartoon "Grim and Evil" inspired the birth of Judith--name is a reference to a song of A Perfect Circle about MJK's mom.

012: The first issue KarMa Kolektib vehemently commented on was the Large Lecture Class Policy that was proposed in 2007, or was that 2006? In a nutshell, the policy increases the class size from 30 to about 250 as a crosscutting measure despite the 300% tuition increase.

013: "Microeigengrau" was the wall komix, I think, that came next after "Judith." The characters Orestes and Eliphas the goat are commenting about military surveillance and all that shit that happens within the campus premises.

014: After "the Aborted Kids," KarMa Kolektib released the illustrated narrative "Lihim ng mga Lespu." It is about the LAKBAYAN (the long march of the basic sectors from Southern Tagalog to Mendiola) experience of a photographer friend of an activist.

015: KarMa Kolektib contributed to "Agunyas," a literary folio of UPLB Writers' Club. (This was during the vandalized NPC mural, I think.)

016: KarMa Kolektib participated in two Opus Elbi art exhibits spearheaded by UP Painters' Club--including the one that celebrates UPLB's centennial.

017: KarMa Kolektib has been consistently participating in Factsheet art exhibits that comment on the human rights situation of the country. These exhibits are spearheaded by Artists' Arrest.

018: KarMa Kolektib conducts workshops on komix and other related matters. The first was the campus-based workshop, "Mga Kwentong Out-of-the-Box na deKahon." KarMA, in partnership with different organizations, has been active in regional workshops as well.

019: KarMa Kolektib has also contributed to Kilometre64 Poetry Collective's projects.

020: KarMa Kolektib released a 2011 calendar x portable gallery last year. The calendar featuring members' artworks is a resolute stance against the Large Lecture Class Policy.

021: The Karmalendaryo 2011 was launched with "Panayam Kay Io," the zine that concluded the unconcluded 2006 "Obobngata." Vicarious in "Obobngata" was renamed as Io in the new version. "Panayam Kay Io" investigates the reason behind the motion of statues as seen by elbi constituents.

022: KarMA Kolektib is exploring the fliptop ...thing lately (Hey, correct me if I am wrong, resident members!) and sticker bombing the UPLB campus with a new ...trip called "Verso Libre."

023: KarMa Kolektib has also been doing live art (eh? hehe) in the corridors and the streets and the building within UPLB, painting murals, spreading awareness about campus and local issues and all that shit. The public exhibition is called Eksena sa Madla.

024: KarMa Kolektib has participated in Comics Conventions.

025: There are, I believe, KarMa Komiks in Crazy Carabao, Demarces / Santa Fe, Los Banos Laguna. I am not quite sure whether there are copies of Lihim ng mga Lespu at Sputnik, in Cubao. You may approach any group member for er.. orders.

026: A group of students awarded and recognized KarMa Kolektib and a member of the group as an ARThrob. Awkward, but fine. :L

027: (shameless plug of upcoming project / title here)

028: (shameless plug of upcoming project / title here)

029: (shameless plug of upcoming project / title here)

030: Lastly, my undergrad creative output (as mentioned, the thesis equivalent in our degree course), "February Fair ng Dis Pater (Isang Proyekto sa Pagtitimpla ng Proscript)" is a metafiction inspired by the Arkham Asylum script of Grant Morrison for Dave McKean. I am considering revising and I might need help with the art part. If you are interested, you may ask me and I'll send the .pdf / manuscript via email. Overall feel of the post-apoc UPLB setting is biomechanical, btw. (I hope this fits as statmessage. If not, then a note will do.)

Please do drop a note or an email if you find inaccurate information. Thank you. *update* no update. Sad. Shall update this every now and then.


*this IS a spontaneous unedited motherfucking update, giving me an adrenaline rush*As I have said, I have just been phoned and I have just been employed and I shall be able to keep what is left of my soul. I thank the cosmos for this fuck of an opportunity. There are, however, opportunity costs, motherfuckers. I might have to say 'motherfucker' less, motherfuckers. Or, at least keep the 'motherfuckers' away from my other self. Moral burdens and credibility dilemmas suck. Wouldn't elaborate further. I hope nothing more complicated than this comes up. Though I know and I feel the vibes of an impending motherfucker that clears the way and wants to rape me with all its glory, despite my not being a mother. *sigh* motherfuckers. I feel high. Seriously. I want to start working. I am looking forward, manic monday. Let's see how we hit each other hard with crowbars of criticism. Oh, consider this post fiction, by the way. And, read up on who I am. I am a liar. Doubt everything you read in every humble abode I nest across the interwebs. *Must. Start. Working. On. Something. I. Want. To. Cram. Oh. The. Passion. For. Things. Without. Monetary. Value.*

Rephrase: Seriously, I think I really kept whatever is left of my soul prior to employment. Thus, thankful to the cosmos. Less compromises means less yet enough er.. resources, but more growth. Spiritual growth. Elemental maturity. Whatever those meant. And, no, I am not romanticizing or building up a facade of a me as someone passionate enough to starve as, say, an artist or something else. I fucked off a job, after taking the salary and the effort I expect to exert into consideration. And. To put it bluntly, I hate that place until now. Felt abused and harassed and ugh. Stop. Stopped. Back to what I shall be doing. Drive the spirits of mainstream gods away. Conquer the night. I have to stop this blabber. And. Focus. Now.



  2. Arbeen- friend ko si Tin! Co-fellow sa Duma. I shd introduce you guys :D

  3. Sige sige, salamat. Related ba sila ni Gian? :L

  4. arbeen, is this confirmed? i really cant believe it. jst found out abt it this mrning whle im randomly browsing the net...feels weird :) -tofi

  5. i don't think it's not. hehe. congrats sa tin.


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