Saturday, July 23, 2011

Eliphas With a Thousand Young

I am not quite sure how to categorize this. Shall I put it under the "Pandora's Boxes," since there is a reminiscence of the past (or one of the futures?!) going on? Or, under the "Nausea" series, since, well, I don't have to explain, right? Those are tongues and mouths and teeth and appendages right there. Or, under the "Spectacles," since-- or under a new category, say, "Tentacles," with another unclassified illustration--King Inang Yellow? Ugh. Nevermind. Just, let me share with you, Eliphas with A Thousand Young. Obviously a reference to Shub-Niggurath.

"Iä! Iä! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat [of the Woods] with a Thousand Young!"

Above are different artistic renditions of Eliphas. Images by (Clockwise) Tilde Acuna, Regine Genato, AK Castillo Ruffa Solano, Aye Sarapuddin, Bangs Colona. (Originally posted here.)


P.S. I really have to cleanse myself and wash the colours away like blood from a butcher's hands. Colours that left spots on a clean cloth, ie, my er... shit, I am out of words. If you haven't voted for that PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association) contest yet, please check out all the entries and take your pick. This is my entry. "Like" it to vote for it. And if you like it enough, please tell your friends about it. Here are two blog posts about it: (link!) and (link!). Thanks.

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