Tuesday, July 26, 2011

UNDER THE STORM under this storm

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It has been a while since I let sunshine touch my skin, yet it didn't really took its time in doing so. Maybe because it cannot. The dark clouds protected me from it. Whatever the fuck that means. Ugh. I am having bad days. Good thing there are things that still, somehow, cheer me up. You're wrong, I am not slashing my wrists. Not just yet. Not again. I kid. I don't know how to feel about the rain, that matured into a storm called Juaning. I went out, against her, and she hassled me like fuck but I think I longed for her, so, the moments of hassles and drizzles and splashes felt fine. My waterproof armor--bag, boots and all that I wore and wielded to defend myself from her--didn't let me down as I went against her attacks. Anyway--

Here is the list. Got the link to Joel Toledo's facebook note from Tin Lao's post. Mark the 2nd of September. Copypasting myself first, though Picasso might rise up from the grave and kill me for it: "Gusto ko lang irehistrong kakabasa ko lang ng email at pwede ho pala magpre-order ng "UNDER THE STORM: An Anthology of Contemporary Philippine Poetry," na ilo-launch sa MOV International Film, Music, & Literature Festival sa September 2." So, there, if you want to reserve or pre-order a copy, do drop me an email. Anthology is edited by Joel Toledo and Khavn De La Cruz. To convince you why you might want a copy, here is the list, for your perusal:

UNDER THE STORM: An Anthology of Contemporary Philippine Poetry

1 Anne Carly Abad: December 18, 2008
2 Diego José Abad: The Unfaithful Men
4 Anina G. Abola: In Place Of Emotion
5 Jose Marte Abueg: I, Pontius
6 Ericson Acosta: Ika-anim na Sundang: GABUD [Sixth Knife: WHETSTONE]
7 Arbeen Acuña: eraserase002
8 Jim Pascual Agustin: Sea Fireflies Of Mindoro
9 Arnold O. Aldaba: Fruit Of Knowledge
10 Kislap Alitaptap: Wala Na Sa Quiapo Ang Nazareno [The Nazarene is not in Quiapo]
11 Rio Alma: Seaman
12 Jovsky Almero: Train Dodge
13 Tofi Alonte: SHOES
14 Donato Mejia Alvarez: Apat Na Larawan Mula Sa Tagaytay Ridge [A Short Quartet From Tagaytay Ridge]
15 Panch Alvarez: Pointing According To Heraldina
16 Angelo B. Ancheta: BIR-IT, JAN-NY!
17 Mark Angeles: F/LIGHT
18 Rebecca T. Añonuevo: Anumang Leksiyon [Whatever Abides]
19 Roberto T. Añonuevo: Dalawampung Minuto [Twenty Minutes]
20 Teo T. Antonio: Sa Dulo Ng Malay [At the Edge of Waking]
21 Lystra Aranal: Hands Down
22 Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles: EROS
23 Cesar Ruiz Aquino: THREE VARIATIONS
24 A.M. Azada: The Lion
25 Mads Bajarias: Entropy & The Shrike
26 Desiree L. Balota: manoy
27 Romulo P. Baquiran, Jr.: LABERINTO [LABYRINTHE]
28 Joi Barrios: Mga Tala Sa Isang Pagpatay [Notes On A Political Execution]
29 Melissa Villa-Real Basmayor: Futura
31 Dave Buenviaje: Because Pandesal is never the same in another country
32 Regine Cabato: Touch Me Not
33 Jose Wendell P. Capili: Carnivalesque
34 Ronan B. Capinding: Pagdidilig
35 Ronaldo Carcamo: Ha-ha-ha
36 F. Jordan Carnice: Stones
37 Lito Casaje: Tsunami Blues
38 Ian Rosales Casocot: The Smallness Of The Everyday
39 Marella Castro: Hinatak Sa Kahulugan [A Catch Of The Infinite Pull]
40 Jose Jason L. Chancoco: Barber Shop Brainstorming
41 Ayrie Ching: Learning Curve
42 Frank Cimatu: THE YOYO ROUTINE
43 Mikael de Lara Co: Kundiman
44 Kristian Sendon Cordero: Stabat Mater
45 Michael M. Coroza: MAGNANAKAW [THIEF]
46 Keith Cortez: The Current
47 Lope Cui, Jr.: Multiple Choice
48 Dakila Cutab: P’wera Contra
49 Jose Y. Dalisay, Jr.: Bound For Saudi
50 Ramon Damasing: On the Feminine
51 Carlomar Daoana: Brutalism
52 Mes De Guzman: Ang Katiwala
53 Ainne Frances dela Cruz: Speed
54 Christa I. De La Cruz: After Impeng Negro
55 Khavn De La Cruz: ang dalawa ang puso [the twin hearts]
56 Noelle Leslie dela Cruz: Absence Muse
57 Nikki De Los Santos: aporia
58 Karl R. De Mesa: Preparations For History
59 Iñigo de Paula: Paramdam
60 Ricardo M. de Ungria: The Ambivalence Of Staying A Tree
61 Lourd Ernest H. De Veyra: SUPREMACY OF THE TEXT
62 Noel del Prado: Rebolusyon [Revolution]
63 A Despi: Social Blowtorching Transcends Scab Worship
64 Glenn Diaz: Definition Of respite
65 Lav Diaz: IN MEMORIAM
66 Alain Russ Dimzon: Tinkling
67 Jan Brandon Dollente: The What
68 Jacob Walse-Dominguez: folding boxes
69 Simeon Dumdum Jr.: The Last Rain of Summer
70 Marj Evasco: In Baclayon, Reading Levertov's For those whom the Gods love less
71 Israfel Fagela: Siberia
72 Bendix M. Fernandez: english lyrics to a japanese seduction
73 Boni Fojas-Almirante: Erotica
74 Luis H. Francia: SMOOCH KING
75 Marc Escalona Gaba: Blinds
76 Eric Gamalinda: Hydrazine
77 J. Neil Garcia: Coda
78 German Villanueva Gervacio: Procorpio’s Night
79 Lolito Go: What Else
80 Eva B. Gubat: Blind Date
81 Ramil Digal Gulle: bullet.X.press
82 Asterio Enrico Gutierrez: Death Poem Exercise 64
83 Luisa A. Igloria: What I Don’t Tell My Children about My Hometown
84 Neal Imperial: Tandang Sora
85 Marne L. Kilates: Morion
86 Phillip Yerro Kimpo: How The Americans Liberated Northern Luzon, 1945
87 Jeanilyn Kwan: The Revolution Will Be Printed, Not Televised
88 Jose F. Lacaba: Tagubilin At Habilin [Will and Testament]
89 Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta: Tampuhan
90 Marra PL. Lanot: Ina [Mother]
91 Christine V. Lao: What Ol’ Injun told the carnies
92 Gian Lao: Here, at your grave
93 Elaine Lazaro: O
94 John Francis C. Losaria: NPA mula sa Tatlong Daang Salita at Dalawang Pulgadang Pagitan [from Three Hundred Words and Two Inches in Between]
95 Bienvenido Lumbera: Kartolinang Ibon [Craft-Paper Bird]
96 Soleil Erika Manzano: Ganoon dumating ang balita— [How the news broke—]
97 Carlo Angelo V. Marcelo: A Better Good Morning
98 Edgar B. Maranan: The life and times of a seditious poet
99 Luchie Maranan: Estranged
100 Pia Montalban: Saleslady
101 V.E. Carmelo D. Nadera Jr.: BALIMBING
102 Joanna Nicolas-Na: On The Way To Market
103 Homer B. Novicio: Dark Birds In Winged Chapel
104 Emil Os: hyperlink
105 Voltaire Q. Oyzon: Mag-aabroad inin akon mga buhok [My hairs will travel
106 Doms Pagliawan: Philippine Eagle
107 Don Pagusara: Alibangbang Sa Ulan [Butterflies In The Rain]
108 R. Torres Pandan: Ars Poetica, As Actually Practiced
109 Ned Parfan: Disturbances
110 Allan Justo Pastrana: The Soul Of The Town
111 Carlos M. Piocos III: Prehistoria
112 Axel Pinpin: Nang Salakayin Mo Ang Aking Pananahimik [The Night You Assaulted My Deep Silence]
113 Zosimo Quibilan, Jr.: Vers.
114 Jun Cruz Reyes: Bunso [Lastborn]
115 Fidel Rillo: Sa Ganang Akin Po Naman Ay Ito Lamang Ang Ipinamamanhik [Thus Do I Humbly Express Myself]
116 Virgilio A. Rivas: Eternal Juju Recurrence
117 Deedle Rodriguez-Tomlinson: Euston Road on an Autumn Afternoon
118 Patrick Rosal: Despedida Ardiente
119 Darylle Rubino: Today After Time Immemorial
120 Roger B. Rueda: Carabaohood
121 Jose Leonardo A. Sabilano: SpaMusic
122 Joseph de Luna Saguid: CORRESPONDENT
123 Joel Pablo Salud: Meandering
124 Edgar Calabia Samar: Vocabulario
125 Rafael Antonio C. San Diego: Poem About Nothing
126 Benilda Santos: Púgot [Beheaded]
127 Oscar Tantoco Serquiña, Jr.: Massacre
128 Tanya Sevilla-Simon: Balikbayan Box
129 Danny Castillones Sillada: Yang Pagtagád Kang Alyana [Waiting For Alyana]
130 Bebang W. Siy: Ang Bisita [The Visitor]
131 Bert Sulat Jr.: I Love Poetry
132 Ramón C Sunico: HOW TO ENJOY A CONCERT: Mula sa Concert Notes ng Francisco Santiago Hall ng PCI Bank [From the concert notes of Francisco Santiago Hall of PCI Bank (now defunct)]
133 Christian Tablazon: BLUEPRINT
134 Alyza Taguilaso: Leviathan
135 J.I.E. Teodoro: Banal na Buntis [Pregnant, Holy]
136 Andrea B. Teran: Weight without gravity
138 Ricky Torre: An Appointment, And Variation On Federico Alcuaz (or Monologue as Portraiture)
139 Denver Ejem Torres: where my Barbie was safe, lest, if it came out in the open
140 Charles Bonoan Tuvilla: Sa Panahon [On Seasons]
141 Roberto Ofanda Umil: Ang Tiwalag [The Defected]
142 RM Urquico: The Blues
143 Czeriza Shennille Valencia: Every dawn you dig your own grave
144 Eric Tinsay Valles: Independence Day In Hong Lim Park
145 Joel Vega: NIMBUS
146 Eliza Victoria: Crime Scenes
147 Santiago Villafania: Rekindled
148 Michael Carlo C. Villas: Vestibular
149 Arlene J Yandug: I think therefore I Ant
150 Alfred A. Yuson: The Ten Most Memorable Moments with D. Thus Far, & Why I Can’t Let Her Go

Book Design: Piya Constantino
Cover Art: W Don Flores
"Reported Incidents, 9/27/09 to 9/29/09 2"
Acrylic on canvas
24 in. x 32 in.

Translations by: Piya Constantino, Eduardo Dayao, Mikael de Lara Co, Paula Maria Diaz, U Z. Eliserio, Ryan Fuentes, Luisa A. Igloria, Cecilia B. Imperial, Marne L. Kilates, John B. Labella, Aila Lenard, Paolo Manalo, Mark Pangilinan, Chuckberry Pascual, Sue Prado, Nonilon V. Queano , D.M. Reyes, Sandra Nicole Roldan, Amoz Ezra Salazar, Ronald V. Verzo II, and Xenia-Chloe Villanueva
The Filipino is NOT a theory. We must weather these storms.


The 4th .MOV International Flim, Music, and Literature Festival
September 1-6, 2011
Book Launch: 2 September 2011
Ayala Museum, Makati City
6 PM

Ugh, I don't know, but, this cover is, well, overwhelming. :L [source]

See you on the 2nd of September. I hope there'd be a tempest of some sort. A tempest that wouldn't hinder anyone to come. A figurative tempest of whatever you want that tempest to be. Andami kong shit.


  1. Jumping bullfrogs! I still can't shake off the strangeness of all this.

  2. Ako rin. Stranger than lovecraft, this antho is. Which is good. I associate colors with those names on the list. Weird. :L And, no, I'm not on LSD. :L


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