Thursday, July 21, 2011

On Contests That Require Er.. Something Like "Fun"

Campaigning for one's self

Er... I find selling one's work (or, in this particular instance, telling others to appreciate or to check out MY work and vote for it, especially to strangers that most probably wouldn't give a fuck about it) kinda awkward, to say the least. Though it is perfectly normal to shamelessly plug and be proud of your work. Actually, I am still unsure how to articulate what my point is while telling anyone who can read this that I have (but I think I had! When it comes to academic requirements! Which should not in any way be based on popularity, ie 'likes'!) nothing against popularity contests. Or, maybe, since I joined one, despite the repulsion I have, or I thought I have, against 'like' contests, I, to some extent, claim to tolerate that which I despise. And yes, those are a lot of commas.

All these sickening feeling of self-promotion, guilt of vanity and self-indulgence and shit, despite the fact that I've ran for office twice--once in the college level and another in the university level--and er... won, with the help of the gods. And my surname that starts with the first letter of the alphabet which means I had a higher chance of winning as the voter shall see my name on the top portion of the list of candidates, so, they shall write my name on his or her ballot though he or she does not know who I really am and shit. The fuck.

I shall learn how to 'economize' words. And how to stick to what I am saying. Moving on: Maybe I just find the cyberspace a repository of egos, of selves, of I's. And I am one of those egos, and selves, and I's whoring for attention. And I hate that fact. And I hate it that I do not know whether or not to change that fact, had the fact I thought a fact were proven true.

Anyway. There is an entry that already bagged more or less 500 likes. Which is okay. It looks "icon" enough for me. But there are others that, well, you decide for yourselves. And, yes, this is about the PETA contest. I've written a bit about it [here]. 'Likes' would just comprise 30% of the score. That is what I keep in mind. But with the situation, I am not aspiring for anything. 500 likes?! Holy fuck. I'll do what I can, though. For the last time, I will whore attention to the highest level possible tomorrow. And I don't think I'll join contests that require public er... 'like'-ing anytime soon. I just, really, don't get why some-- *some text missing*

Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow I spam. I repeat: I'd go on a roll-call tomorrow. Shall tag most, if not all, of my facebook contacts. And campaign for this motherfucker of a colourful entry that shall make you shit rainbows as if you are a robot unicorn on LSD.

Competing and being seen doing so

There is this Fully Bookd contest, where you have to submit a form, I think, and once you are picked as one of the winners, you go on a book grabbing galore. I hesitated, despite the reality that there are slim chances of being handpicked via raffle. Actually, I am determined not to join anymore.

I wouldn't want to be seen and photographed running and competing and craving and stumbling and doing silly things for books. I don't want to be caught in action. I don't want such moments to be immortalized in pictures. I'd rather do such "fun" things--had the gods succeeded in hynotizing me to be in the mood for such--in secret.

That is all the rant and unsolicited musings for this utterly unproductive day. Watched an animated film, though. At, babawi akong puyat dahil naka-eight-hour sleep na ko nang two days straight! Mortal sin!

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