Thursday, September 13, 2012

factsheet artvocacy++

martial law commemoration draws near. to young Filipinos who never knew martial law and dictatorship, they may opt to read up.* today, cronies take seemingly other yet similar shapes. vencer crisostomo asks what malacañang's fave desert is. he answers: maka-puno. as human rights violations take seemingly other yet similar shapes until today, we raise our fists. through different forms. among these forms? art. after the cut are posters and invites lifted from the ARTvocacy page. below this paragraph is my entry to the factsheet #6 visual arts exhibit in UPLB. title: "Nang Mag-agaw-dilim ang mga Kabataang Mangangaso sa Majayjay;" medium: print on tarpaulin (?); fact sheet: extrajudicial and frustrated killing. there shall be a Rights screening. not sure if "Pissed Off," my collaborative work w mikel, is included. but, go, attack, watch, participate, in any way, in one or all of the activities.

"“RIGHTS” film screening. RIGHTS is a pioneering compilation of independently produced – human rights themed short films/public service advertisements (PSAs). Initiated by Southern Tagalog Exposure and the Free Jonas Burgos Movement in 2007, RIGHTS exposes the incessant human rights hostilities in the Philippines. It is an open and continuing call for filmmakers to participate in the growing movement to defend and uphold human rights."

"The existing compilation of RIGHTS films have a running time of about less than an hour, thus, the film screenings for ARTvocacy will include other films that have the same theme. During the course of the tour, filmmakers and film students will also be encouraged to submit films to become part of the RIGHTS screening."

"ANNOUNCEMENT: SEPT 13 "RIGHTS" Film Screening and Human Rights Forum will be postponed to a later date. Our sincerest apologies. Please wait for further updates. Thank you!"

"ARTvocacy UPLB Tour this September! Organized by Artists' Arrest, Southern Tagalog eXposure, Save Bondoc Peninsula Movt; In cooperation with UPLB Zoom Out, UPLB - University Student Council, Kalikasan Partylist - Southern Tagalog; Sponsored by Harmonya UPLB, Karma Kolektib, Thursday Club, Pi Omicron Fraternity, Samahang Ekolohiya UPLB, UPLB Mussaenda Honor Sorority, UPLB Community Broadcasters' Society, UPLB Development Communicators' Society; STOP MILITARIZATION. STOP HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS. Defend and Save the People of Quezon."

"Factsheet #6 Visual Arts Exhibit. Factsheet is a visual arts exhibition series initiated by Artists’ Arrest in 2008. It features artworks by different artists that are inspired and based on documents called “fact sheets” prepared by paralegal and human rights workers in the course of documenting and campaigning against human rights violations. The successful run of Factsheet in 2008 led to 4 more exhibitions in the years that followed. These exhibitions featured artworks that lay bare the state of human rights in the country."

"This year’s Factsheet exhibit is the sixth and will be part of the ARTvocacy festival tour. It will feature human rights cases perpetrated during the first two years of the Aquino administration."

*1624 update: you missed that, didn't you?! analysis from UP KILOS NA's status message: "At first glance, Pimentel's column in Inquirer, "To young Filipinos who never knew martial law and dictatorship" seems a thoughtful and most welcome remembrance of the ills brought about by the US-Marcos dictatorship and the courageous resistance against it. But wait, Vencer Crisostomo, Stand UP, who shared this article, didn't you notice these lines? "They’ll present themselves as the nation’s saviors based on twisted claims. Some would point to their military discipline and experience. Others would claim to have the correct political line base on historical truths. Some would claim to have god on their side.

Don’t trust the liars and the bullies. Democracy can be messy and chaotic. But the alternatives are even messier. They create a false, deceptive sense of “peace and order.”--Why place at the same level those who struggled because of "the correct political line base(d) on historical truths" with those who benefited from martial law? The majority of those who were killed, who disappeared, who were tortured and imprisoned, during martial law resisted and persisted because of that correct political line articulated as early as Oct. 1, 1972 of Ang Bayan: Overthrow the US-Marcos dictatorship! Fight for freedom and democracy!"

1858 update: "ARTvocacy CONCERT for HUMAN RIGHTS on Sept 19 UPLB! Featuring performances of: Embercore. Karma Kolektib. Last Action Heroes. Ryan Sapin. The Axel Pinpin Propaganda Machine. UPLB Kulayan. Jong Sumangil Band. Nina Virgin. GnarRate x JPL. 20PHP Donation Ticket; For more details: Contact Thrianne@ 09268224532 See You!"

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