Saturday, September 22, 2012

the week that was

on earth are hells and heavens. there are times when such are not places but people. glad to see a fair mix of both boths last week. hells heavens places people. tomorrow is another mix. bitter is boring. sweet is boring. bittersweet is the shit. today, the monster arrived. something that made my day. yes, it is a monster made of paper but, no, not the paper monster that sells contributors' copy, given the chance. i hate how i bear grudges. this bearing of grudges is something that shall make things interesting tomorrow. back to the monster: the monsters and the monstrous journal found its way after being lost. editor simon bacon has been accommodating and has never failed to communicate promptly, unlike that other monster. however, thanks to nature's attempt at making things balanced, things remain fvcked up. i returned to our olde house and the books i left months ago remained fvcked. the nameless habagat motherfvcker (that wrought havoc and delayed oceania) damaged my books as well and i knew about it after about a week or two. among the casualties i treasure most and i remember are two bertolt brechts, a wole soyinka, an august strindberg. i have brought home clean ones, those that i could bring and stack since i don't have a shelf yet. i shall revive brecht, soyinka, strindberg and the others come semestral break. and learn the art of necromancy. and, hey u.p. pep squad. good job. u.p. fight! for education. wishful thinking. time's running out. until then. hello, whoever the fvck you are. see you in one or more of my four to five nightmares every day.

*edited this entry today, september 24. also, read RT's "Cheerdance competition: sports exemplar ng U.S. empire at neoliberalismo sa edukasyon" [here]*

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