Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pandora's Boxes [xii]: Unearthed angry freshman

I am still in the process of cooking something up for this initiative of sharing one's New Year's Revolutions, and I would like to share this pre-New Year blog entry. Today, I had this illusion of cleaning up my drawer and my room, which came with the delusion that I did make a significant change in the physical appearance of my room and among the things I unearthed are:

1. Letter to Art Bell--a class exercise. Forgot the subject.
2. Parapharnalia from ex-girlfriends
3. Tickets to theater productions
4. Coins / Cash--except my UP centennial 100php
5. College Admission results from UP & UST
6. Ancient karMa Kolektib parapharnalia
7. Amputated gundam body parts
8. A candle--probably used after "Finals"
9. Draft of one of my oldest poem, "Maharet"
10. Silly olde notebooks--from HS to college

Now, the first one is what I would like to share--and transcribe as it is handwritten. And, no, I did not edit those grammatical lapses and dangling motherfvckers, so, no, you may not exert grammar fascism against my freshman self but if you really had the urge, no one's stopping you. At the risk of sounding like a dickhole, I got a 1.0 for this, by the way. Maybe my professor's being generous back then. Unfortunately, the date is not written on this olde olde yellow pad paper, but since my handwriting is still readable, I can safely assume that I was probably too young back then. Basta at least five years ago.

Dearest Mister Art Bell,

I am one of the people that made you puke. I am a Filipino. Having read your interesting and highly intellectual article--which is, by the way, very academic, concise and objective--about our being Asian makes me want to answer and step up to your high level of intellectual capacity and heart-warming passion towards other people. I will now attempt to address your scholarly and theoretically founded assertions and accusations with my inferior insights.

The "trashy' qualities of Filipinos and Filipino Americans that you enumerated throughout the article are not hasty generalizations & not fallacious at all. The truth values of your dependent and independent variables in your academic article proves how trashy Filipinos are. The term, the heavy-laden and objective term "trashy", that appeared several times in your article is well-defined and not abstract at all.

Putting sarcasm aside, if your open mind managed to notice, I believe you are not in the position credible enough to criticize and theorize about certain cultures you are neither, in the first place, part of, nor familiar with. I would also like to contribute the knowledge that the fluorescent lamp, the videoke and the hydropowered cars are invented by Filipino scientists. Such breakthroughs in science & technology are significant contributions of Filipinos to the world. You could have missed those facts during your field work and research that you conducted before writing your critical analysis of Filipino culture.

In case you have no clue about power relations, I would like to tell you that propagation of such information is eco-political. Japan, as seen during World War II, is one of the prominent world powers, i.e. characterized by its being imperialistic. The aforementioned innovations and other ideas that could have come from any third world country is, more often than not, not supported by their local government. With these in mind, influences of imperialist powers by acquiring the intellectual property rights (tl;dr)

Tinamad na ko. There. Signed it, by the way. Fvck these idle days. Let's just end by admitting that I don't know if that contributed anything significant to your life, but I know sharing this letter did not contribute anything to the betterment of my messy room. Good day.

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