Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reverence [-]: An Occupant

No, this one would not be like the previous Reverence entries. Neither pictures nor images, no default caption or any sort of rendition as in the reverence for fictitious machines. Nothing but a confession and a declaration and a suggestion and an insistence herein that you take everything disclosed as half-truths if not lies as this post is as spontaneous as it can be because all I need is to let it all out as if someone is listening to my senseless immature rant and unsolicited revelation.

As an attempt to make the cliche slightly less cliche, let me say that I've chased you away from my very being after knowing that you preferred what society prohibits you to prefer and here you are forcing your way back--without your knowing it--to occupy my consciousness of how I am fond of you back then. Mass demonstrations are among those venues that change one's standards, in general. Such are the times when the physical, however taken significant, comes secondary to commitment to the cause crossed with the attitude for the cause.

And you delivered well, to say the least. I would have posted photos of you but that would get you and me in trouble, besides being sorta creepy. I covered that event but never took photos of you, no matter how anxious I am to have your memory mechanically recorded. No photos of you in my camera as not a clue shall be given. As always, I'd rather show indifference than any hint of concern--out of being outright defensive, perhaps, if not total denial.

Now, let's risk a little, though the risk is not that great as I know, or I think I know, that you do not spend a lot of time online. You told me not to get soaked, as you quickly pass by to attend to the things you are to do. I don't remember saying anything as a response. And it kills me that you are the one that the motherfucker of a weather is drowning--which may be taken literally and figuratively. And I failed and am still failing to do anything about it. Why? Because you might notice. My fondness shall not leave any trace. Save for this hint. And the chances that you'll come across this little space in the interwebs are slimmer than you can ever be.

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