Thursday, April 5, 2012

God, Grad, Gore, Grunge, and Government: Summer Strikes, Random Ramblings

To whoever: A brief, quick life update.

Disclaimer regarding the title: Nope. Not really a Marilyn Manson fan.

God. Disturbing my feed are sick people with a sick brand of humour of spreading false hope among the Tool army in a godforsaken thirdworld country that the divine motherfvckers of quasintellectualized (whatever the fvck that means) metal arrives on the 6th of May.

Had the fascist facebook management team whatsoever of Zuckerberg imposed timeline, I have a cover photo in mind. Something from Community:

Graduation. It has been a year since I marched the graduation grounds, and a year prior that year, I have satisfied all the academic requirements, and the hassles in between. And now, the feed is flooded with photos of manuscripts and graduation pictures. Given the chance, I want to browse the theses and creative works of the BA Communication Arts writing majors. Or, maybe even have collaborative, uhm, endeavours with them. This is not a call, but, maybe, to some extent, it is.

Which reminds me of, er, tons of unwritten essays / nonfiction things that I promised to write. And, just like Christ, nananatiling nakapako ang pangako. Paano ba yun isasalin? The promises remain, uhm, crucified?
*1800 update*
Gore. Filipino Catholics go metal these days. [link!]

Ginsberg. "14 years ago today Allen died (...)" [view details, video here]

Grunge. It is Kurt Cobain's death anniv [today]. He had a [daughter].

Government. View pixeloffensive's pwnage of the Yellow Army [here]. Tumblog is updated, I think, by Max Santiago, the same artist behind the images I used in my transliteration of Axel Pinpin's [Remote Control]. Oh, and another thing about another government, today is Arroyo's birthday [happy mugshot here!], also, the 10th death anniversary of Beng Hernandez, former vice president for Mindanao of College Editors guild of the Philippines. Read CEGP's statement [here].

Goodbye. Will take the chance to abuse the "long vacation."

PS: Looking forward to 1.) Morrissey (weh?); 2.) Mangyan Day; & 3.) May 1.

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