Monday, March 19, 2012

Quontextag [ii]: #Noynoying

#Noynoying?! The new planking?! It is not even effective. The Palace is actually ignoring it. So what if it garnered a thousand likes in, say, three days? The Palace is not affected at all. Of course, the President is not pissed. The President would rather do his job than commenting on the issue. The public would not buy such mudslinging that tarnishes the reputation of the government that gives people the power to go malling! Such propaganda would not sell to the public, as Lamyerda said. Never ever! No, you're wrong, the Palace does not care about all the fuzz. No, please, stop, *cries* Here's more proof that the Palace is ignoring Anakbayan's retort to Aquino's devil-may-care attitude towards the crises that kills the people, however instant or gradual.

Sarcasm aside, you know what kills the joy? What's so lame that the Palace, up to this very moment, ignores whole-heartedly? Noy-ngaling. How lame. Try harder, Partidong Manggagawa. Your attempt at being a smartass is as ineffective as your labor campaigns. Thank me later for being too generous to give publicity to your failed attempt at witty wordplay. Pansinin n'yo naman ito, Palasyo, Noyngaling, so witty and fun. NOT!

At the risk of further killing humour, let me explain how witty #Noynoying is. You see, "Noynoy" becomes a verb with the -ing, defined as doing nothing when you should have been doing something. Notice that #Noynoying is self-reflexive, and it seems like the Palace has fallen for it for days. You see, #Noynoying mocks the President. Mocking #Noynoying mocks the President. Not #Noynoying is, still, #Noynoying. See how meta it is? *update* See how even the Wall Street Journal digs #Noynoying? *update* And, oh, another grumpy annoying apologist, annoyed.

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