Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dark February Stars (Rasputina x Foo Fighters - Mash-up)

It has been a while, and here comes the Month. Eons ago, I attempted a mash-up of Meshuggah's obZen and Tool's Lateralus: LateralobZen. I hope I can do some sort of a variation in the vein of Alyza's Play: List. Ganda nyan. I cannot find any youtube video or mp3 streaming shit of Rasputina's Dark February, but, of course, as expected, we can view Foo Fighters's February Stars here. And, there, here (with a few tweaks here and there) is, uhm,

Dark February Stars

I'm hanging on here until
I'm gone. I'm right where
I belong:

In the dire obscurity
of another dark February
there lowers a fog of uncertainty,
just hanging on
on a thin gasp of wind known only to me,
my shivering sigh,
spreads a shadow far and wide,
even knows
I watched you come and go,
the frigid, leaden sky,
remains immobile, petrified,
how was I to know
you'd steal the show?

I will attempt to seek out the source,
of this ancient curse by the tempered gods,
of how the moon keeps on it's course,
one day I'll have enough to gamble
without being stopped by the cries of dogs,
I'll wait to hear your final call
and bet it all.

Oh my love I'm freezing,
I'm hanging on here until
I'm gone
in my marble dressing gown,
right where I belong,
cold, the oldest season,
hold me when the sun goes down,
just hanging on,
as this hesitant haze it deepens,
even knows,
I pass this time alone
under a blanket of doubt
I've been sleeping, here

a deterioration begins,
somewhere so unknown
where the tears that are wept are kept,
for safe keeping,
it heals the soul.

They say it will come to an end,
then all things will begin again,
you ask for walls,
I'll build them higher
in this eggshell atmosphere which is so very thin,
20 thousand million copper needles begin vibrating,
we'll lie in the shadows of them all.

My frigidity has been eclipsed
by the severity of my blue trembling lips,
I'd stand but they're much too tall,
I will have locked my heart at dusk,
I will open it again when the light comes in,
and I fall, my love. I'm freezing,
in my marble dressing gown,
february stars, floating in the dark
cold, the oldest season, temporary scars
hold me when the sun goes down,
february stars.

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