Friday, February 24, 2012

What bloodless revolution?

This is Queen Inang Yellow, which existed on paper last year. This is among the many somethings that I am hesitant to release, but what the hell, now is the appropriate time and, thinking of it, it kinda reeks of Oedipal complex, as I look back at King Inang Yellow. This is how I see the so-called EDSA Revolution, which is not really to discredit the boost in morale that resulted into a show of force, a powerful force, by the Filipino people. This is also not a deliberate attempt to burst the bubble of those who see Corazon as a mother, a saint, or whatever reverence or fetish you have for that, er, madonna of the landed class, or mariang edsa. It's just that, this "power," this "yellow power" attributed to the yellow dynasty and what the heir to the yellow dynasty capitalizes on and utilizes, this "bloodless revolution" that his minions wanted to reenact tomorrow as testament to his revolt, or whatever the fvck he wants to call his crusade of saving the world despite his impotency, this delusion of "people power" seems overrated. Try asking yourselves, had there been any significant change? Those who nod are under the power of the image I present herein, a nightmare born of a dream, a symbol of "unfulfilled hopes*," a matriarch, so motherly you wouldn't feel her fatherly attributes, her tentacles. Oh, a song:

Again, this artwork is not new. Save for the first profit of doom, I have no new drawings yet, but I am determined to plan everything tonight so I can fulfill an intrapersonal promise. BTW, I have a sort of independent komiks slice of life journal entry thing [here]. (Memory does not just not serve me right, it is not serving me at all. Not sure whether I have posted this ikon somewhere. And, yes, I never run out of typographical errors. I've corrected a couple minutes ago. Andami kong shit. #endOfEntry)

(#startOfUpdate) Here's something posted by Cabring Cabrera of Datu's Tribe:

"People Power Picked a Pack of Pakshet People
A Pack of Pakshet People People Power Picked
If People Power Picked a Pack of Pakshet People,
Where's the Pack of Pakshet People People Power Picked?

Still in Power, People. (Pakshet.)\m/@@\m/"

Okay, trapik daw mamaya. Muli silang sasayaw sa bubog, at maglalakad ng tulog at muling mauuntog, ano, Chickoy Pura at The Jerks? Goodluck sa ating lahat.

*Pahabol: This does not, of course, mean I am for Marcos. I am simply reiterating that EDSA was made possible by the people, not by this political clan who stole the supposed victory and betrayed this supposed victory by, well, go watch Orapronobis or revisit history.

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