Monday, March 28, 2011

This is to inform you--

(Skip this post if you don't want to read my senseless rants. I didn't posted links to this post anywhere anyway. I just want to "feed the will to feel this moment"--this is from Tool's Lateralus. I just need to vent out. A little. Give me a while.)

--though you may not give a fvck--

that worse days are yet to come. I hope 2011 ends soon. I think 2012 would be better. I hope 2012 would begin the end. Sigh. Brr. Whine. This. Post.. Digs?;

that I have deactivated my facebook account, and it shall remain deactivated until god knows when. I now have no network to shamelessly plug my bull and my shit;

that I communicate via and you may reach me via email or ym or sms, had there been any concerns about abandoned or forgotten projects or whatever the fvck you wanted to remind me about such as deadlines I failed to meet and, yes, projects I could have committed to but have not done my share yet. I would also take this opportunity to apologize for things I have and haven't done. Yet. I shall continue doing my best to make things work;

that I thought and expected this "new" blog to be professional, but I just can't not fvck around. I still tend to disclose though unsolicited, but at least I am learning to leave the details unsaid. I am somehow learning to contain my self. Or so I thought;

that I am still in deep shit. And I hope YOU are reading this, though you never gave a fvck. And you would not. And I hope you are having a good night's sleep.

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