Sunday, July 7, 2013

unsullied midyear harvest report, update, etc

unsolicited, unsullied. anyway, first, dog piss at the UP Forum issue re: territory:

hiatus over. in addition to the carcosite's not-so-updated [publication page], here's another round of shameless plugs of some apparitions. three publications: 1) poem "Minanikang Makina" in Querida: An Anthology, published by Anvil; 2) poem "Tungkol sa Kawalaan*" in IYAS: An Anthology (2001-2010), published by the University of St. La Salle; and 3) poems "Minanikang Makina**," "M for Movement," "May Bagyo, Walang Pasok" and prose poem "An Exercise in Understanding 'Lachrymology'" in The Literary Apprentice, published by UP Writers' Club. tis midyear, and i have not sown enough to reap whatever i deem is enough. but hey, no highs without lows. so, tis fine.

*sadly, the version published in the antho has 'typos,' or perhaps 'corrections' which are not actually correct. submitted as "Tungkol sa Kawalaan," it was published as "Tungkol sa Kawalan," with "Boby Balingit" missing a 'b', though my submission clearly spells the name, which i respect, correctly. **this is the poem's third publication. incidentally, it has been three years. and i hope. but i don't hope much. anyway

thought of self-imposing another hiatus, though i think i failed w the social media lie low part as ive broken my oath, maybe, thrice, at least. thought of shutting up and updating again come the 8th of august, for whatever reason, but i have things to say and vent out come the following days. such as these two things: [pseudocuments two] is in its final stage, the intro is in, final editing, polishing, printing and it's good to go. you may pre-order. [gastro komix] is in its semifinal stage. no intro yet, but it's getting there. end of message.

blackenedwhite [source] [source] [source]

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