Sunday, November 18, 2012

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this senseless quasinstagramming began with a facebook album with the note: "images herein are characters that belong to their respective stories and/or storytellers. lame editing and labeling and manipulating, care of yours truly. ~tilde a. (if image/s in this repository happen/s to belong to you, and you want it removed, or you want to be credited, or whatever action you deem necessary, please inform me. no copyright infringement or any such related offense intended. thank you.)" since there are a total of eighteen characters in the album, and my blog has been idle, why not put them up here, to celebrate the sort of debut (wtf, eh?): 18 characters, each with a respective story, that i may or may not use as inspiration one of these days. the labels are, of course, not official labels but subjective ones, thus serving as a personal interpretation with each of the characters. for instance, i labelled chihiro a child-laborer because i go with the reading that indeed hayao miyazaki's magnum opus is somewhat a "nightmare of capitalist Japan." but, of course, not all are in-depth readings, as some titles or roles or symbolims or whatever-the-fvcks are obvious. that is all. i thank you for dropping by. bye.

chihiro. the child-laborer.

arrietty. the borrower.

aurora. the explorer?

death. the endless.

edea. the sorceress.

elaine. the presence.

fanny. the transhaman.

mandy. the cynic.

maria. the whore.

mindy. the vigilante.

nadezhda. the hooligan.

nausicaa. the environmentalist.

orchid. the lumpenprolet.

promethea. the vessel.

valerie. the inmate.

vita. the idealist.

yuki. the vengeance.

aeon. the assassin.

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